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Nuclear power, Starace-Bombassei back and forth. The CEI is also on the field


“It is unrealistic to reconsider the exploitation of nuclear energy in Italy”. This was stated by the CEO of Enel, Francesco Starace, on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti forum in Cernobbio. “No”, Starace replied to those who asked him if it was possible to re-propose the energy of the atom in Italy. And even the ‘new nuclear’, he explained, “is not as new as it seems”. But for Alberto Bombassei, president of the Brembo group, the possibility of exploiting nuclear energy with fourth generation plants is “a beautiful and stimulating theme. If one were to focus on this project, with a real follow-up, it would be a truly interesting answer. An applause to Minister Cingolani “, said host of the Forum, on the ‘proposal’ of the Minister of Ecology Transition. “This technology is very innovative, it is not the old nuclear fission system. And if, as it seems, it has scientific support, I consider it an extremely interesting way,” he added. In the evening, always on the sidelines of the Forum, the words of Minister Cingolani, who returns to the topic. “No proposal” on clean nuclear, “I think a moment was taken of a lecture given to a few hundred students in which I told, among other things, that the United States and France are testing technologies that are not mature and about which we will know in 10 -15 years. There is no proposal: I was a little surprised by the fact that telling something like this is transformed into a proposal, at the moment there would be little to propose because there is no technology “. “In my opinion, looking at all technologies, studying them, is sacrosanct, but where is the proposal? I am in total good faith”, he adds. “It is not my fault that France has asked the European Union to evaluate whether fourth generation nuclear reactors can be rated green; then the European Commission can say no. If someone is evaluating it and we don’t have to put a euro in it, we do not have to do anything but just listen and wait seems to me a serene attitude “, concludes. Meanwhile, the CEI also takes the field to warn about nuclear power. In particular, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, quoting Don Tonino Bello at the Pax Christi Congress in Assisi, said that “development is not always synonymous with progress”. Bassetti, quoting Don Bello, added: “‘Modern weapons’ are not an index of development, although sadly they are a sign of progress; ‘the scientific articulations’ of the modern economy, which prevent some peoples from progressing, are even an ‘involution’; the same reasoning can be made for the modern photographic techniques that characterize the ‘very glossy pages of pornography’ or finally the nuclear power to which one must ‘be very careful to give him the development license’ “.


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