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Tweet about the young candidate, the psychologist: “I am shocked, I receive insults and threats”


“I am upset. In shock. In the last 24 hours I have received an avalanche of insults on Twitter. I have been vilified, they even reported me to the Psychological Association and someone even asks for my dismissal. I have never seen anything like this. more serious is being accused of bullying a little boy, when I have been working for years with the very young and fighting bullying. It was Calenda who made it a national case to advertise his candidate. Calenda did everything. ” . Barbara Collevecchio, the psychologist who has become a trend topic on Twitter in the last few hours for a tweet on the watch worn by Roman Pastore, the 21-year-old student from Rome who is a candidate with Calenda at the Town Hall, does not hide her bitterness. It all stems from the tweet “We should educate young people to genuine values, not to wear Rolex and dress like young old Renzian wannabes”, after the photo published by the young candidate who loves to show himself on social media with branded watches, high-powered cars, luxury hotels luxury. To reply to the psychologist is Carlo Calenda who after another tweet from @colvieux on the psychologist’s profile defines the words about the young man as “aberrant”. “Not even Salvini with Gad Lerner, who at least had the age and visibility to answer, has gone so far”, he tweets. And Collevecchio: “Isn’t it abhorrent to nominate immature young people who pose with 30k pussies and support those who say that citizenship income is uneducational?”. In the evening another tweet from Calenda: “I talked to Roman. He gets tons of comments, insults on all social networks. They target him and his father who has been missing for two and a half years. He is rather impressed. Close it here. You have already used it. castor oil and truncheon. That may be enough. ” In a few hours thousands of comments arrived, many of them insulting the psychologist. Who today sees his name in all the newspapers. “I’m shocked and I hope this story ends as soon as possible- she says in an interview with Adnkronos- I have read falsehoods about me. I just wrote that this kid does nothing but post photos of big cars, of luxury hotels like Hotel de Russie, photo in Costa Smeralda. It’s all a gaudy and vulgar ostentation. And, I add, serious if you are a candidate in a party that says other kids have to work hard “. ‘I am a psychologist who works with very young people and orphans and I know how much poverty there is’ Yesterday the boy also replied to Collevecchio on Twitter by writing: “Son of a father? Proudly son of my father, who unfortunately no longer exists. he left a watch but he taught me not to judge anyone by appearances, without knowing anything about him and his life. His hatred is frightening, I hope he realizes it. “” I am a person who works with children and orphans, I also deal with trafficked girls and we know how much poverty and indigence there is. And it makes you angry that Renzi says that young people have to work hard and it makes you angry that he throws a miseducation to the rest of the world in the face. public mockery to his followers, it would not have happened. I hadn’t even put on any boy. I had made a very banal tweet, while Calenda, Bellanova and the Renziani, that political area there, in short, exposed this boy to hatred. Nobody knew his name, not even I. “And on the young man he says:” I would like to remember that looking through the photos on his social profiles it seems that the value for this boy seems to be just that, big cars, big bucks, designer clothes. Because I don’t have to judge. I only gave an opinion, I never insulted anyone. I challenge anyone to find a single insult “. ‘I had to’ lock ‘my account for the insults I received’And she still says” shocked “for all the” insults received “.” I had to lock the account, people who have me reported to the order, serious defamations received. People who say: “Don’t go to this psychologist”. Insults and malice. For 24 hours I have become a trend topic with my name. “And she reiterates:” I am a psychologist who works with minors, do you think how serious and defamatory everything I have suffered is, just for having expressed an opinion. My 24-year-old son is upset. And so do I. “Barbara Collevecchio thanks” the people who are showing solidarity to me “, from Tomaso Montanari to Christian Raimo. But she is also keen to thank” all those people on Twitter who send clothes and other items for the boys I help ” Then he goes back to the boy and says, “What message do they send to the other guys, if they put up pictures with very expensive watches and luxury cars?” While they say that other young people have to work hard? “. But what would Barbara Collevecchio say in Rome Pastore today?” As a mother and a psychologist who works with teenagers, I tell him that I am very sorry that my tweet was taken personally, mine speech was general, on the fragility of this generation that clings to status symbols and is dancing in the void. These are not the values ​​and images they must give of themselves, especially young politicians. Because there are many young people in difficulty and these values ​​of wealth are certainly not to be transmitted. It is dancing on an abyss, you have to think carefully about it. Wealth should not be ostentatious, you are worth for what you are not for what you have “.


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