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Assault on M5S gazebo in Milan, 4 no Green pass searched


Four search decrees were carried out by the Milan State Police in the Lombard capital and in the province of Lecco. The recipients of the provision are held responsible for the damage to an electoral gazebo of the political party M5S, carried out during the demonstration with a march, not forewarned, organized by the ‘no green pass’ protest movement, held in Milan last Saturday. They are under investigation for the crimes of attack on the political rights of citizens, damage during a demonstration in a public place and failure to notify the commissioner of a meeting in a public place. The four Italian citizens searched had already participated in previous protests against the obligation of the green pass that took place in the city in August. She is a 34-year-old Milanese citizen with a police history for mistreatment in her family against whom the Milan police commissioner, after the investigation conducted by the anti-crime division, also issued the preventive measure of the oral warning; a 47-year-old resident in the province of Lecco, with a police record for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a license, brawl, theft, violation of the road sheet issued by the police commissioner of Lecco; In addition, Commissioner Petronzi issued a compulsory roadbill for him for a year. A 52-year-old Milanese with a history of police theft and violation of anti-Covid regulations was also affected by the decree (investigated in within the scope of the same procedure also for an unannounced event) and a 62-year-old citizen residing in Milan, with no previous record. The identification activity was carried out thanks to the intervention of the Digos policemen who intervened during the attack on the political gazebo and through the subsequent analysis of the video images by the same agents. In the same procedure, the state police referred eight other Italian citizens to the judicial authority: six for lack of notice to the commissioner of a meeting in a public place, one of which was also one for incitement to commit a crime, one for misrepresentation in public demonstration and one for insult . Also against two of these people the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi issued the preventive measures, for both, of the oral notice and of the street paper from the municipality of Milan.


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