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Closer vaccination obligation, doubts and problems to be resolved


Extended Italy green pass, vaccination obligation and third dose to exit the covid emergency. Prime Minister Mario Draghi was clear at the press conference: this is the government’s orientation. A direction that, however, has raised several doubts from many sides and shown divergences within the government. Health Minister Roberto Speranza reiterated it: compulsory vaccination in Italy is a possibility. “Two days ago we exceeded 70% of vaccinable people who have passed their cycle, but we want to insist, we want this number to grow more and more” he explained. “For this reason we are evaluating, from the next few days, decisions that can lead us to extend the use of the Green pass to other areas of people’s lives. And for this reason we do not preclude the possibility, it remains a possibility at this moment, if there was a need, to be able to use the obligation of vaccination “. Read also An obligation, recalled Speranza, “that the Constitution allows with an initiative of a legislative nature and that we believe is an instrument available to parliament and the government, should this be necessary”. The Minister of Health, then returning to Draghi’s conference, underlined how “the words, the plant, the guideline indicated by the Prime Minister” are “the right line, which starts from a great awareness: that Covid is still an insidious enemy and that vaccines are the fundamental tool to try to fight against this virus. And therefore – said Speranza – our drive will be very determined and very strong to further increase the percentage of Italians vaccinated “.
“At this moment the obligation is not necessary. I see more an enlargement of the Green pass in Italy”, said Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health for his part. “The numbers are on our side. We can speak of obligation if the epidemic accelerates and people do not get vaccinated. Today vaccinations increase, we will reach the target of 80% of the vaccinated population. The possibility of pulling out the obligation from the drawer is the last resort. Then: for whom would the obligation serve? With which vaccine? “, asks Sileri. The League reiterated its opposition. “There is no fans no vax and yes vax. We are for the freedom of choice on the vaccine”, said Matteo Salvini, adding: “I am vaccinated and I have the Green pass, I do not think I will impose my choice on others. as a league, culturally and for convenience for citizens, supporters of voluntariness and freedom of choice “. To take time M5S. “I believe that the Green pass is the best tool to protect health and the economy. On the mandatory nature of the vaccine I say: let’s wait. I think we must push for the obligation of the Green pass for gathering situations and in the workplace,” he said. Giuseppe Conte on the sidelines of the presentation of the list of the Five Movement in Rome, even the experts were divided. Maria Rita Gismondo, director of the Laboratory of clinical microbiology, virology and bio-emergency diagnostics of the Sacco hospital in Milan, says yes to the vaccination obligation for over 50s. The announcement by Prime Minister Draghi of a possible vaccination obligation “did not surprise me because you cannot continue to have a bag of unvaccinated people as relevant as that of over 50s”, virologist Francesco Menichetti, head of Diseases, stressed to Adnkronos Salute infectious diseases of the hospital of Pisa. “Today all the strategies to promote vaccination compliance must be put in place, as is done with the Green pass – recalls the virologist – but those who have not yet been vaccinated must understand that their attitude is that of a parasite that exploits the community of immunized people to defend themselves from the virus. And this is not good “. Over 50 not vaccinated There are over 3.6 million Italians over 50 still without a covid vaccine: the highest share, according to data released yesterday, is in the 50 range -59 where there are 1,846,352 people still waiting for the first dose or single dose, as emerges from the anti-covid vaccines report of the coronavirus emergency commissioner, led by General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. The doses of anti-covid vaccine administered in Italy are 78,497,024, 2,003,078 in the last week, 286,154 per day. Matteo Bassetti, Fabrizio Pregliasco, Massimo Andreoni and Massimo Galli also expressed themselves in favor of the vaccination obligation. While Andrea Crisanti expressed doubts: “He leaves me with many reservations. Data arrives from Israel that indicate that the effectiveness of vaccines is reduced to 70%. At the moment I am worried about this”, the director told Adnkronos Health. of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua. “Vaccines work and have an indisputable cost-benefit ratio, but I would not want that with the data coming from Israel this choice of obligation will prove to be a boomerang for no vax who will be able to say that vaccines do not work and therefore refuse the obligation “, underlined. The vaccination obligation is not in line with the Constitution for Massimo Cacciari. “My speech is not against vaccines,” he said. “It is that they cannot be mandatory, and I am amazed that the Constitutional Court did not intervene because the interpretation of the Constitution is unequivocal on this”, he added “I believe that there must be the choice of each of us – continued Cacciari – which evaluates on the basis of the cost / benefit ratio, a principle that the Constitutional Court has always adopted. The obligation can always occur where there is absolute certainty that there is no risk. It cannot be subscribed anywhere, see the positions of the pharmaceutical companies themselves. And in fact the government has not adopted the obligation of vaccination “.


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