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Vaccination obligation, Hope: “We do not preclude it if necessary”


Vaccination obligation and Green Pass. “Two days ago we exceeded 70% of vaccinable people who have passed their cycle, but we want to insist, we want this number to grow more and more” said Health Minister Roberto Speranza, answering a question during the conference that followed. to the signing of a memorandum on research, medical sciences and health care policies, between the owner of the Health and the United States Secretary of Health, Xavier Becerra. “For this reason we are evaluating, from the next few days, decisions that can lead us to extend the use of the Green pass to other areas of people’s lives. And for this reason we do not preclude the possibility, it remains a possibility at this moment, if there was a need, to be able to use the obligation of vaccination “. Read also An obligation, Speranza recalled, “that the Constitution allows with an initiative of a legislative nature and that we believe is an instrument available to parliament and the government, should this be necessary”. , then returning to yesterday’s conference of Prime Minister Draghi, underlined how “the words, the system, the guideline indicated by the Prime Minister” are “the right line, which starts from a great awareness: that Covid is still a insidious enemy and that vaccines are the fundamental tool to try to fight against this virus. And therefore – said Speranza – our drive will be very determined and very strong to further increase the percentage of Italians vaccinated “. G20 Health” The proposal of Italy “for the G20 Health which opens on Sunday, he later said on the sidelines of the signing of the memorandum for research between Italy and the USA,” it is a ‘Pact for Rome’ which will have as its first major objective I want to bring the vaccine to all populations of the world. The richer and stronger countries must take charge of supporting and helping the more fragile countries. The vaccine cannot be a privilege of the richest countries and this is the message we will work on in this G20 “. Medicine Faculty Test” When a doctor is trained it is an important moment for the country and it is the country that is richer and the our National Health Service to benefit from it, ”said Minister Speranza, addressing once again a” hug and good luck “to the students who today took the tests for access to the Faculties of Medicine.


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