NewsLocalConsulcesi: "Already reported first irregularities in medical tests"

Consulcesi: “Already reported first irregularities in medical tests”


The ‘tradition’ is renewed: once again this year the path of aspiring doctors is uphill, this time with the aggravating circumstance of the Green pass. In fact, the irregularities reported every year from Milan to Bari in the various universities are not enough. Also in this edition, immediately after the admission test, the candidates reported various violations including the use of smartphones, delivery times not respected, violation of the anonymity of competitors and the obligation of secrecy regarding the content of the applications , some of these were reported to the commission and recorded in the minutes. This was reported by Consulcesi, the legal network that has been alongside aspiring doctors for years, which with its consultants today has presided over all the test sites, recording this as well as numerous other problems and irregularities. No pass without the green pass: this is the real new Medicine 2021 test. In fact, from north to south, throughout Italy there are hundreds of students who have not been able to undergo the entrance test due to problems with the green certificate. “From this morning we are collecting the testimonies of the children also on this issue, in any case an evaluation will be made on a case-by-case basis to establish whether there may be the basis for a possible appeal or not. In any case, the advice is always to contact us because the successes at the TAR and the Council of State show that we are the test pass for Medicine “, commented Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi. That it was an almost impossible undertaking, as’ robbing the Spanish mint ‘the medical test students already knew. And therefore, Consulcesi has organized a flashmob inspired by the popular series “La casa di Carta”, whose new series begins today on the same day as the entrance test to Medicine. who dream of wearing a white coat and the future should not be stolen from these guys. – Tortorella declares – This is why we have always monitored the regularity of the trial and where irregularities are recorded we promote appeals that have led to thousands of readmissions: the last only two months ago with a historic ruling in our favor from the Council of State which admitted that the need was not in keeping with needs. For this reason, we advise candidates to contact us in any case on our information desk and on our social channels to leave no stone unturned. “Consulcesi makes the web portal and their social networks available to candidates, to collect testimonials and provide information on how to protect themselves in case of misconduct during the test There are also consultants at their disposal who can be consulted free of charge through the toll-free number 800.189091.


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