NewsLocalDj dead, her husband: "He didn't kill the baby"

Dj dead, her husband: “He didn’t kill the baby”


Daniele Mondello, the husband of Viviana Parisi, the 43-year-old deejay who died a year ago in the woods of Caronia (Messina) with her 4-year-old son Giole, as Adnkronos learns, will oppose the filing request filed in July by the Prosecutor by Patti Angelo Vittorio Cavallo. “At the moment we are studying the papers – says the lawyer Pietro Venuti, her husband’s lawyer, to Adnkronos – but it is certain that we will oppose”. Viviana’s family disputes the prosecutor’s thesis according to which Viviana Parisi, after an accident in a tunnel on the Messina-Palermo motorway, first ran into the woods and then killed her son Giole before committing suicide by jumping off a pylon. “The file is made up of thousands of pages – explains the lawyer – and we have not read them all yet. There are many oddities in this affair that are also reported by the consultants of the prosecutor. For example, the place where the body was found. della Signora Viviana is a fairly quiet wooded area. Because inspections were made, both day and night, and it was possible to hear the noise of people and animals that were at a distance of up to 100 meters. Since in that context there were workers of corks who were working, did they hear anything? If he had made an extreme gesture they would have heard screams. Instead nothing was heard “. And he remembers the psychological examination, called ‘psychological autopsy’ on the woman, who had psychiatric problems. “The consultant Massimo Picozzi – he says is based on four statements and does not take into account one fact: that before the accident, the lady had stopped in Sant’Agata to ask for information to buy shoes for the child. And the witness said not to have encountered any problems in Mrs. Viviana. A woman who wants to kill her child and then commit suicide stops to ask for the price of a pair of shoes? “. it could, in the most absolute way, lead her to an extreme gesture, “he says. And then he remembers that “with regard to the child’s death, the Prosecutor’s Office is unable to ascertain the cause of Joel’s death. They make hypotheses, in terms of abstract possibilities. They say that he may have been killed or that he had an illness”.


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