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Latina, ASL rigged competitions: an official and a manager are under house arrest


A manager and an official under house arrest for the alleged irregularities in the competition of the Pontine Local Health Authority. The measure was adopted by the investigating judge dott. Giuseppe Cario and the alleged crimes are those of ideological falsehood in public documents and disclosure of office secrets, both in aggravated form. “Very wide the scope of the favors assured to the candidates” of the competitions, writes the investigating judge in the order with which he ordered the house arrest for Claudio Rainone and Mario Graziano Esposito. “The investigations – we read – document stable illicit activity, on the front of several competition tests” with “direct contacts between Rainone and the candidates with whom the President of the commission agreed on the questions he would have posed to the oral tests. Significant circumstance of a wide-ranging and not occasional proven system. “The investigations – coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Carlo Lasperanza and by the deputy prosecutor Valerio De Luca were carried out by the anti-corruption section of the local mobile squad and by the economic-financial police unit of the guard of finance and concerned two public competitions held, respectively in September 2019 and in December 2020 and carried out in aggregate form between the local health companies of Frosinone, Latina, Viterbo and Rome 3, with the ASL of Latina identified as Lead Partner, both characterized by a high number of participants. The selections were held in August and December 2020: the first, for 23 positions as a professional administrative collaborator, saw the presentation of almost 1,300 applications for participation, while for the second, for 70 places with the qualification of administrative assistant, more than 2,900 applications were submitted “Polluted” insolvency proceedings are united by the coexistence of both suspects in the composition of the examining commissions as, respectively, president and secretary. More precisely, the investigations made it possible to ascertain that the suspects, in the days preceding the written and oral tests, revealed the questions prepared for the competition, that is the questions that would have been asked during the examination, falsely certifying the regularity of the procedure of the minutes of the commission. From the complex of investigative activities carried out by the Guardia di Finanza and the State Police, it clearly emerged that, in both competitions, the procedures envisaged by the calls for the protection of the impartiality of the Public Administration and aimed at favoring the merit of the candidates, have been “bent” and distorted in favor of relations of more or less direct knowledge of the candidates. Even if “only” in five cases it was possible to identify the beneficiaries of the “advances” – ascertaining how the members of the commission, in particular the manager arrested today, have contacted the candidates to communicate to them the questions they would have asked in the examination or – all the investigations carried out have highlighted how the distorted use of the insolvency procedure was wide, with the consequence that the spectrum of “favors” bestowed by the suspects thanks to this illicit mechanism is extremely vast, as the network of connivance created appears vast . D’AMATO “I would like to thank the State Police, the Guardia di Finanza of Latina and the judiciary for the important operations they are carrying out on the hypothesis of polluted insolvency procedures. The general director of the ASL of Latina, Silvia Cavalli, did well before of today’s arrests, to revoke the competition notice in agreement with the Regional Health Directorate and remove the manager from the administrative department that managed the competition. On these issues we do not look anyone in the face and transparency and legitimacy must be essential elements. right now that all consequential acts must be adopted against the employees of the ASL and that, if the complaints are confirmed, we will be a civil party to compensate for damage to the image suffered by the regional health service “, declares the commissioner in a note to the Health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato. decree of rigged competitions, Rainone to uncle student, ‘pro fool is she? Get her to come to the bar ‘Latina, May 21. (Adnkronos) (Sil / Adnkronos) “He professed tell me something, always …”. Speaking, on the evening of 6 October 2020, is the chairman of the commission Claudio Rainone who, to the uncle of a student about to take the oral test the next day, asks for confirmation on the girl’s name and agrees to meet her the morning before of the exam at the bar a few hundred meters from the high school of Latina where he has already done the writing. “I’m sorry that we have to take this little walk – he says again – but it is appropriate”. The interceptions reported in the ordinance of the investigating judge of Latina on the alleged competitions cheated at the ASl of Latina refer to one of the many “agreements” that would have been made by the UOC director and commission president, Claudio Rainone, with one of the candidates. The day the oral tests were held, Rainone himself reassured the candidate’s uncle about the positive outcome of the test, as a confirmation – writes the investigating judge – of his interest. false ‘they have to prove it’ ‘Latina, 21 May. (Adnkronos) (Sil / Adnkronos) Although in the course of the conversations received in relation to the competition for 23 places at the ASL, no contacts were made between the secretary Esposito and the candidates, in the order of the Gip Giuseppe Cairo a consolidated agreement between the two suspects is documented , Mario Esposito in fact and Claudio Rainone. Manifesting the fear of an accusation for falsehood, Rainone goes so far as to say: “they have to prove it ‘”. “But do you know that you gave me the flea in my ear? – Esposito asks Rainone wondering about the origin of the investigation – But it’s not that someone here has done the double (game) … in the sense … he invented (Rainone gestures to Esposito about the handcuffs) … yes … yes … eh! “.



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