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Dj dead, power of attorney: “Fall with Joel in the well? Thesis without foundation”


“It has no valid basis” the thesis of the lawyers of Viviana Parisi’s husband that the deejay and little Gioele were asphyxiated in a well half a meter high. This was stated by the Public Prosecutor of Patti (Messina) in the filing request viewed by the Adnkronos replying remotely to the lawyers Daniele Mondello and Pietro Venuti, lawyers of Daniele Mondello, Viviana’s husband, who have always denied the possibility of murder suicide. “Some defenders of Viviana Parisi’s family have advanced a suggestive hypothesis about the fate of the woman and her child: Viviana and Gioele would have” fallen “into a well 3 – 5 meters deep, with about half a meter of water inside, for both die as a result of “asphyxiation in water” – says the Prosecutor Angelo Vittorio Cavallo in the request for filing – The supporters of this thesis admitted that they could not establish whether Viviana and Gioele had accidentally fallen into this well or if, instead, had been intentionally thrown by someone. ” “The bodies of Viviana and Gioele, subsequently, would have been taken and extracted from the well, after their death, by unknown subjects, through the use of some instrument (forceps or other) – he continues – These subjects, after having taken Viviana’s body from the well, they would have placed her corpse at the foot of the pylon, thus operating a real “misdirection” “. But for the Prosecutor “The thesis has no valid basis and is denied by the results of the autopsy itself. To these, other specific observations are added”. “In the first place, the inspection and subsequent technical investigations highlighted how Viviana’s right hand” clawed “some shrubs on the ground, assuming the position of rest in which it was later found: well, it seems very difficult to hypothesize that authors of the phantom misdirection may have used such a “refined” device. Secondly, again from the reading of the filing request papers read by Adnkronos, the two lesions present on the surface of the scalp, in the left temporal-parietal site, are compatible and find their logical explanation in a direct impact of the woman’s head against the free surface of the stone present there, partially buried, in the phase of impact on the ground. It does not appear by chance that the genetic investigations carried out on the stone have given positive results with reference to the presence of blood: it seems obvious that that blood could only belong to Viviana “. “Also in this case, it is not explained how the alleged and hypothetical authors of the misdirection may have” staged “this result – says the Prosecutor – Thirdly, the consultants have ruled out the presence on Viviana’s body of injuries or signs attributable to ‘violent action by third parties, as well as any other type of traumatic event including, in particular, the removal of the body with “forceps” or “other tools”, or its “traction by the hair”. fourthly, Viviana’s corpse was not “moved” by third parties, as emerged not only from the medico-legal investigations, but also from the studies conducted by the entomologist, Prof. Vanin; it follows that the decomposition of the Viviana Parisi’s body took place in the same place of her discovery, which, therefore, coincides with that of her death “. “Fifthly, the body of Viviana, as already seen, does not bear any signs or typical evidence of deaths from drowning in stagnant water or in lake water”. But the lawyers disagree and until yesterday, during the demonstration to remember Viviana and Gioele, they reiterated their thesis. “They died asphyxiated in a well”.


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