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Condorelli denounces the lace: “For my children and Sicily”


Giuseppe Condorelli denounces the protection money and receives the applause of the political world. The deputies of the Democratic Party expressed solidarity with him by showing the company’s nougats in the Chamber to the Chamber. “Today we are all Condorellis. The mafias are defeated with the commitment of the Police and Institutions but also of society. Together Italy can do it”, writes the Democratic Party on Twitter, who also posted the video of the gesture staged in the Chamber. “Today we are all #Condorelli. The mafias are defeated with the commitment of the police forces and institutions but also of society. Together Italy can do it”. @ VeriniWalter – Democratic Party ?? ?? (@pdnetwork) May 5, 2021 Condorelli denounced having received the request to pay the protection money to the mafia and told the story to Corriere della Sera. “One Sunday in March the guardian called me at night in front of that ‘pizzino’. A sprint through the streets of Belpasso. I talked about it with my wife Serena and immediately went to the carabinieri”, said the 54-year-old entrepreneur owner in the interview. of the famous Sicilian confectionery company referring to the ticket (‘Get in your seat or we’ll blow you up, find a friend’) left with a bottle of petrol in front of the factory entrance. There are many politicians who today wanted to express solidarity with Condorelli. “I just had a nice phone call with Giuseppe Condorelli, to thank him not only for the complaint, but for the reasons he used: ‘It’s for my children and for Sicily’. Not bowing to the mafia is a battle for freedom, work , the future “, Giuseppe Provenzano, deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, wrote on Twitter.” We must say thanks to the intelligent and courageous entrepreneurs like Giuseppe Condorelli, capable of denouncing and not submitting. Condorelli explains his decision with the social obligations that he has. enterprise and invites to have trust in the institutions: it is an important civil message and an example that deserves maximum dissemination “, the words of the Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion Mara Carfagna. Even the president of the Sicily Region, Nello Musumeci, thanked him for his gesture. “The determination and civil conscience shown by the knight Giuseppe Condorelli are a further Sicilian excellence, another example of how, with will and courage, things can really change on this island. The regional government is at his side and next to all entrepreneurs in fighting the hateful phenomenon of extortion “, said the Sicilian governor. “Not bowing to extortionists – he added – is the only way to free our economy from the mafia yoke and give a future to our young people. Like Cavaliere Condorelli, there are many who rebel against the racket, trusting in the presence of the state, institutions and law enforcement agencies that, today more than ever, offer concrete help to those who say no to pizzo. This is the way to follow to demonstrate that our Sicily is not irredeemable and that the mafias, small and large, they will not be able to override the rights of honest Sicilians “.

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