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Covid, the outburst of pyrotechnics: “Everyone reopens except us, desperate and on the street”


May 20, 2021

“While in Italy everyone reopens, we are cut off, abandoned by everyone. In southern Italy there is a gigantic induced activity that comes from the patronal and religious festivals, but the bishops at this moment cannot authorize them so as not to create gatherings. of the season, there are 10 days to go before the holidays, we ask the president Mario Draghi for help because we are desperate “. It is the heartfelt appeal that Vincenzo Martella, representative for Puglia of the Italian National Union of Pyrotechnic Operators, entrusts to Adnkronos representing the whole sector, telling the tragedy of the workers in the sector, ‘in fact’ cut off from the possibility of resuming to work. “We are about 1500 companies and about 10 thousand operators without calculating related activities – explains Martella – and in the last year we have recorded a loss of 80% for each company”. The core of the problem starts from a letter from the Metropolitan Archbishop of Lecce Michele Seccia who, in a letter dated April 26 to the priests of the Archdiocese, announced that the Prefect requires abstention “from any sort of celebration, rite or manifestation outdoors, lighting and shooting of fireworks etc. “. “We understand the position of the Church – underlines Martella – for this reason we turn directly to President Draghi to listen to us. We have been at a standstill for a year and a half and we are still without perspective. The wedding has started, the shows, we are the only ones who do not they had no indication. ” Yet, the trade unionist says, “we are absolutely sure about safety. We do not understand why nobody realizes that we are desperate, there are hundreds of families on the pavement, we are on the back burner. I make an appeal from all my colleagues to President Draghi, that you listen to this prayer and take into account that we have two associations, pyrotechnics and illuminations, which have brought nothing home “. The situation, explains Martella, is very hard: “For months now we have been collecting what we can find, some have improvised as drivers, there are those who have taken a truck to try to do something else. With the support of two thousand euros I cannot manage to not even cover the expenses, we no longer have our dignity “. And he sinks: “What difference does it make a fireworks display at a religious demonstration, with all the necessary safety measures, or having a fireworks display on the beach on August 15, when people will be out and about everywhere?”. bishops “have their reasons, but we ask that there be a go-ahead or a pass for them, that they receive permission to authorize patronal feasts, in full compliance with government measures”. The Apulian pyrotechnician lets himself go to a bitter observation: “The south lives on this, and instead now there is no folklore in everything. Before you lived with a smile, but now you live by avoiding others”. And he concludes with a jab at the government: “In our demonstrations there are not the thousands of Inter fans, who have not created any problems for the virus – he stresses strongly – Why doesn’t anyone listen to us?”. (by Ilaria Floris)

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