NewsLocalWith the Rome investigation on the Bellomo case filed,...

With the Rome investigation on the Bellomo case filed, he was accused of slandering and threats to Conte


The Roman investigation against Francesco Bellomo, former judge of the Council of State, has been closed. Bellomo was accused of slander and threats to an administrative or judicial political body towards the former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, when he held the position of Vice President of the Presidency Council of Administrative Justice, and towards his colleague Concetta Plantamura, member of the all epoch of the disciplinary proceedings to which the former judge was subjected, after the scandal about the scholarship holders, and was then dismissed. The investigation, which started in Bari, had arrived in Rome after the judge had declared himself incompetent. Last May the prosecutor Carlo Villani at the end of the investigations made the request for archiving now accepted by the investigating judge. According to the initial accusation, Bellomo “falsely accused” Conte and Plantamura of having exercised “disciplinary power in an instrumental and illegal way”, carrying out “deliberately and systematically” an “oppressive activity” against him “moved by a clear persecutory intent “. In the request for dismissal, according to prosecutor Villani, on the other hand, in relation to the hypothesis of slander “the details of the hypothesized serious crime do not apply either due to the lack of the objective or subjective element of the crime” and that “with the summons Bellomo he certainly did not intend to bring criminal charges, having rather acted to ascertain a civil offense and the consequent compensation for damages, certainly instrumental to the disciplinary procedure he was undergoing “. With regard to the accusation of threat, explained the prosecutor in the request for filing, “the suitability does not exist from a subjective point of view, in relation to the recipients of the memorandum, nor from an objective point of view, since the event of the crime has not in fact occurred , the impediment or disturbance of the activity, given that both the disciplinary commission and the CPGA have normally continued their process “. The lawyer Cataldo Intrieri defender of Bellomo declares himself satisfied. “For the third consecutive time, Dr. Bellomo – says the criminal lawyer Adnkronos – was acquitted of the charges against him, despite the media pillory, these are private events and without criminal relevance”.



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