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Covid and monoclonals, Aifa funds 4 clinical studies


The Italian drug agency Aifa will finance 4 clinical studies on monoclonal antibodies for the therapy of Covid-19. It will do so in the context of a research call that closed on February 15th with the presentation of 14 research protocols. The 4 winners – announces the national regulatory body – will access a loan promoted by Aifa for an amount exceeding 2 million euros. The outcome of the evaluation and the funding of the studies were approved by the Aifa Board of Directors. As part of the epidemiological emergency from Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus – the agency recalls in a note – Aifa, through a specific call, has promoted the funding of some studies to acquire new evidence on the efficacy of monoclonal antibodies in treatment of patients affected by Covid-19 in the early phase of the disease, not hospitalized and who have or do not have risk factors that may aggravate the prognosis. The 14 protocols presented, after an initial assessment of compliance with the requirements, were all unanimously admitted to the subsequent evaluation phases, Aifa underlines, specifying that, “for the purposes of funding, projects that have stood out for their feasibility and practical operation and therefore for the potential for transferring the results into real clinical practice in a ‘strategic perspective for the National Health Service “.” Aifa – declares the director general of the regulatory agency, Nicola Magrini – is committed to to set up a share of research funds to favor independent clinical studies useful to better understand the therapeutic role of this family of drugs and to promote comparative efficacy evaluations among the different monoclonals. The large number of clinical trial proposals received testifies to the vitality of collaborative research platforms in Italy “.

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