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Vaccine to under 16, Sileri: “Make them safe before September”


Anti covid vaccine also for under 16s? “We have an important share of the population under the age of 16, about 9 million people. I hope that on the 28th the EMA will give the go ahead for the vaccine to those under 16. Precisely in this population the circulation of the virus can be greater, so with the vaccine can take another step towards herd immunity. It is important to secure our teenagers before they go back to school in September. ” This was underlined by Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, guest of the show ‘Italy has awakened’ on Radio Cusano Campus. On the covid emergency in Italy, “we are starting to see the third wave behind us, the situation is going much better, the number of hospitalizations drops drastically, in a while we will have some white regions. our shoulders. As a doctor, I now see a different agenda. My thoughts now turn to the cancer that must be diagnosed, that must be treated, the benign pathology that had to wait a year and a half and perhaps has now become more complex “, Sileri continued, adding: “This is where we now have to put our commitment. Against Covid we fought, resisted, we left our fellow citizens on the field but also saved so many, now we take back everything else with force, we make you feel that Italian health is there “, he explained.



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