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Rita Dalla Chiesa is crying for her sister-in-law: Emilia Cestelli, Nando’s wife, has died


Emilia Cestelli, wife of Nando Dalla Chiesa, passed away yesterday after a long illness. The news comes from Rita Dalla Chiesa who has posted a photo on her Instagram profile that portrays her brother Nando and his wife Emilia embraced from behind, accompanying her with a long and moving post. “We were on vacation in Sellia Marina, two years ago. I surprised them at sunset, from behind, embracing each other, while they looked at the sea – writes Rita Dalla Chiesa – They, Nando and Emilia, the ‘professor’ and ‘Biondina’, have lived a 51-year story of true love. Always embraced … Always accomplices. The strength of each other. In my brother’s battles, in our greatest sufferings, in the beautiful memories of our summers in Mondello, in his blindly believing in civil rights and in the defense of the weakest people. In loving Carlo and Doretta. In being happy when they became Otto, Tito and Rosa’s grandparents. Two people intertwined in love “. “It was not just my sister-in-law, Emu – continues Dalla Chiesa – She was the fourth daughter of my father and my mother, who adored her. This morning, after a devouring, ferocious illness, Emilia had to leave that embrace that was her home for life. And she went to the sea by herself. She left us the great legacy of having fought for her every breath. And she finally arrived at the bottom of the horizon that she was watching with her Prof that evening two years ago. Thank you, Emù, for all that you have given us. Even this pain, which adds to the too many that our family has already experienced … “.



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