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Sicily, Covid vaccines: the most virtuous provinces


Sicily yellow zone from Monday 30 August, based on the ordinance of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, with stricter rules and measures in the region to prevent new coronavirus infections. But what is the situation on the vaccination front? In Sicily, 70.88 percent (equal to 3 million people) of the resident population has received at least one dose of Covid vaccine, while 61.71 percent (over 2.6 million) is fully immunized (i.e. received both doses or the single Janssen dose). “The entire regional health system is committed to rapidly increasing these percentages, which are still insufficient to pull the island out of a situation of risk”, reads a note from the Presidency of the Sicilian Region. According to the data processed by the regional monitoring structure of the vaccination campaign and updated as of August 26, in Sicily there is a patchy situation, with more virtuous provinces, such as Palermo, in which 66.95 percent of the population is immunized ( 76.17 percent at least one dose), and Agrigento, with 66.31 percent immunized (76.19 percent at least one dose), and others in which citizens show greater resistance. Syracuse is the last for immunized, with 56.63 percent, while 65.80 percent received at least one dose; Catania has 57.30 percent immunized and 65.94 percent received at least one dose. Messina still has 57.33 percent immunized, while 65.28 percent received at least one dose. In between are the province of Enna with 63.44 per cent immunized and 73 per cent having at least one dose; that of Ragusa with 63.10 per cent immunized and 73.83 per cent having at least one dose; that of Trapani with 63 percent immunized and 72.63 percent with at least one dose; the province of Caltanissetta with 61.01 per cent immunized and 71.22 per cent who received at least one dose. Above the threshold of 70 per cent of the population that received the first dose, there are 173 municipalities out of 390. countries of Messinese: the most virtuous, in fact, is the small town of Roccafiorita, where even 101.16 per cent of the target population is immunized (109.30% per cent received the first dose), a sign that in this locality passing tourists were also vaccinated. At the bottom is Fiumedinisi, where only one in three citizens is immunized (34.52 per cent) and 40.48 per cent of citizens have received the first dose. In the top ten positions of virtuous municipalities, in addition to Roccafiorita, there are four towns in Palermo (Palazzo Adriano, Ustica, Isnello and Giuliana), four in Agrigento (Comitini, Lucca Sicula, Burgio, Sambuca) and another in Messina (San Marco d’Alunzio). Among the provincial capitals, the highest ranked is Ragusa, with 79.35 percent of first doses and 73.15 percent of immunized; followed by Enna (77.93 percent first doses, 72.64 percent immunized), Agrigento (77.10 percent first doses, 68.81 percent immunized), Palermo (77.02 percent first doses, 69.92 percent immunized), Caltanissetta (70.12 percent first doses, 65.51 percent immunized), Catania (69.60 percent first doses, 62.68 percent immunized), Trapani (66.28 percent first doses , 58.65 percent immunized), Siracusa (65.96 percent first doses, 58.84 percent immunized), Messina (59.97 percent first doses, 55.32 percent immunized).


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