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Covid vaccines, Brusaferro: “The third dose is also very likely”


“The situation is constantly improving, the combination of social distancing measures with the progressive growth of vaccination has given us this result. We must continue to be cautious, but already three Regions have white range numbers and it is foreseeable that, week after week , others will be added. However, we need to monitor the variants. And a booster, a third dose of vaccines will most likely be. ” This was stated in an interview with ‘Il Messaggero’ by the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, underlining that “the possibility of administering Pfizer’s vaccine at the age of 12-15 will allow us to secure middle schools and above “. “We have adopted containment measures that in recent weeks – he emphasizes – have made it possible to reduce the number of new cases. This phase coincided with a parallel increase in vaccinated. This allowed us to see an improvement in the situation despite the spread of the variant. English which has increased transmissibility “. “I think – he notes – that we must move with caution, in a progressive way. It is true that the number of vaccinated people is growing, but it is very important, where it is recommended, to continue to use the mask. By proceeding in this way we can always regain new levels of freedom. . We are still in a transition phase. What we can say is that we are facing progressive improvement scenarios, and this is very positive “.” Our target, if we want to control the epidemic – he continues -, is vaccination the whole population. The younger groups, due to their lifestyle, are those who have a greater probability of favoring the circulation of the virus. It is also necessary to explain to children that vaccination is a moral duty in the face of this pandemic. They can give a contribution to public health which also means protecting loved ones. Nobody is safe until we all are. “



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