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Mafia, Gratteri: “The Albanian emerging in Europe, investing here pays off”


“For at least three years I have been saying that in Europe there is an emerging mafia, the Albanian one. Albania is a corrupt country, where it is easy to bribe public officials. And if I leave Albania and I already have economic power, I can strengthen myself as an international mafia ”. Nicola Gratteri, public prosecutor at the Court of Catanzaro, during the evening “The narration of the South” – the event organized in Scilla by the Magna Grecia Foundation that precedes the three days of the International Annual Meeting ‘SudeFuturi III – (R) innoviamo il Mezzogiorno ‘, which will be held at Castello Ruffo between 9 and 11 September – underlines her role as Cassandra: she warns, anticipates the moves of the international mafias, designs their strategies, but it takes time before believe. “Now – she adds – they know very well what is happening in the heart of Europe and they are trying to understand, they ask us what to do -why. And when we talked about what was happening in Holland, that the mafia was buying everything there because they didn’t listen to us? In these Northern European countries, they are very jealous of privacy, but that doesn’t help. The mafias go hunting and buy everything that is for sale: it is more profitable to invest in rich areas and it is easier to blend in. The South American mafia, for example, invests in Europe rather than in its own territory because doing so here is more profitable ”. When asked by the journalist Paola Bottero, who led the evening with her colleague Alessandro Russo, about why the press helps him so much, Gratteri replies with a smile: “Because I do my job by giving my all. And then I like to say what I think: when I see and read certain things I just can’t shut up. So I’m talking a lot, but I just can’t keep quiet. I remember when this government took office and there was talk of reform of the civil process. They said they had to reform because otherwise Europe would not have given funds. But it is humiliating for me to hear such a thing. Then comes the reform of the criminal process and there is talk of ‘inadmissibility’. All the parties voted for this reform which provides that after the first degree sentence, if there is no sentence on appeal within 2 years or in the Supreme Court within a year, it will no longer be possible to proceed “.” When they called me to the Commission in the Chamber – continues Gratteri – I have been very hard on this reform. There are people who have died for their ideals and I cannot shut up. There have been 150 years of the mafia, but there have also been 150 years of anti-mafia. This reform will grace fixers and criminals, crimes against the public administration, pollution of the seas, illegal landfills have not been included. The truth is that 50% of the trials will fall, so let’s go back to before the Orlando reform if this is the problem ”. Finger pointed at what is missing or wrong. From the failure to fully implement the judicial offices at the 4 Courts of Appeal in Sicily, which has less than 5 million inhabitants, against the two in Lombardy, where 10 million people live. And again: there are 250 outside magistrates who are consultants in the ministries, but given that due to the covid the competitions are stopped, soon there will be no replacement with the magistrates who will retire. “And then – Gratter stresses – the truth is that we don’t want a system that works”.


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