NewsLocalMareamico: "Punta Bianca vandalized"

Mareamico: “Punta Bianca vandalized”


“Punta Bianca has been waiting to be declared a nature reserve for 25 years. Inside this area there is a former barracks of the Guardia di Finanza, which could be restored and used for purposes related to the use of the area. Instead, since 1968 the building in question it is abandoned to itself, without any maintenance and without any guardianship. All this has caused several collapses: the ceiling has come down and some stones of the external wall have also fallen off “. This is the denunciation of the Mareamico association of Agrigento. “In recent days someone has also broken into the house and has further vandalized it, causing the collapse of the internal staircase – reports Mareamico – Significant and urgent interventions of consolidation, reconstruction and restoration are needed that aim at the conservation of the building. pending the establishment of the nature reserve, by the Region of Sicily, Mareamico and Marevivo ask to have entrusted the building in question on loan for use, in order to speed up its safety and reconstruction, before it is too late”.


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