• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Covid vaccine, Gelmini: “In 2 weeks we finish more fragile categories”


May 5, 2021

The will is to finish the anti-covid vaccinations of the ‘most fragile’ within two weeks. This was stated by the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Mariastella Gelmini, in “The Interview of Maria Latella” on Sky TG24. The meeting of the government with the mayors of the smaller islands “was an opportunity to reaffirm the absolute respect of vaccination priorities, of the most fragile categories and of the over 80. We count in two weeks to complete the vaccination of the most fragile categories “And therefore to be able to run to secure the country”. Read also “The government is struggling with simplifications, so we do not want to complicate the life of Italians through the green pass. A very simple method has been imagined, with three categories of people who will be able to access it: those who are vaccinated, those who have had the disease and have antibodies and those who have been buffered in the previous 48 hours. It will be easy to prove that you belong to one of the three categories and will allow faster movements “, he stressed.” The government has already taken decisions that go towards a gradual and progressive reopening of all activities, in mid-May there will be a ‘check’ all. last decree to allow the reopening of activities that cannot yet operate. The biggest refreshment is the reopening “, said Gelmini.” After the first months, which were complicated also due to the fact that the doses did not arrive, today there are no doses that remain in the refrigerator, there is the capacity to administer all the doses we have available – he later specified – We are keeping an eye on and attention, with task forces and inspections, with respect to those regions that feel some criticality, but in essence we are well over 80% of administrations of the doses delivered, with peaks of 90% “. To those who do not want to get vaccinated, I would say” that we must all have faith in science, because these vaccines have been subject to very accurate control procedures. There has been a principle of transparency that has always been applied . Even where there have been critical issues, nothing has been hidden, everything has happened in the light of the sun. The only concern must be not to get vaccinated “, concluded Gelmini.