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Covid vaccine, Galli brakes on third dose


Third dose of the covid vaccine, we have to wait for the data. Word of Massimo Galli. “Between now and the end of the year-early 2022 I hope that the ideas will be much clearer than that, because in the current state of affairs” to say that the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine will be done by that date “I find it quite a statement free “, says the professor of Infectious Diseases at the State University and primary at the Sacco of Milan. “To date – says the infectious disease specialist to Adnkronos Salute – we do not know what we can and should actually do, and those who say they know obviously have a crystal ball or follow entirely formal, but also contradictory indications, where the position of the Organization World Health Organization on the third dose is decidedly unfavorable “. “As for what should be done – argues Galli – everything will have to go through more scientific studies and direct experience. And at the present time we still have to understand how long the vaccine coverage actually lasts for the majority of people. As for fragile subjects we will see – he points out. – but the concept is that if one takes two doses of the vaccine and does not respond, he does not necessarily respond to the third, if he does not answer a little, it is not known how effective the third will be.


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