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Covid, denier heals and gives doctors a gift


Covid denial did not believe in the pandemic, but once infected he was treated for three months and after recovery he wrote in his own hand a letter to the doctors to thank them. But that’s not all, he decided to give them a gift for the ward. “I owe my life to all the health workers who have never left me alone, who have been close to me with medicines and their great humanity, as if I were one of the family. Public health is our most precious asset: we must defend it with tooth and nail! “. So Domenico, 57, thanked the doctors and nurses of the hospital in Alatri (Frosinone) with a handwritten letter, who treated him for more than a month. “Domenico, a Covid patient who turned negative, was transferred to Alatri still intubated”, says the ASL of Frosinone on Facebook. The former patient donated an oven for the ‘galley’ of the San Benedetto hospital. Today Domenico, 57, is doing well after fighting for nearly three months against Sars-CoV-2. “I did not believe in the virus, I was one of those convinced that Covid was just a political maneuver. Instead today I am among those who disclose all the people I meet, I inform them and invite them to use all precautions, mask, hygiene of hands, distancing. This virus is really cursed! “writes Domenico in the letter.” I had the worst nightmares of my life – reconstructs the former denier – I don’t know if it was the virus, the medicines, I just know that it was like being in a horror movie: pyramids that overturned and destroyed all forms of life, I was saved but I had to escape from strange people who were hunting humans for organ trafficking. Terrible nightmares that contrasted incredibly with the care and affection I received at the Alatri hospital “.” The most beautiful joy was seeing him in perfect health and hearing his stories, fears and feelings during his hospital stay, unfortunately it doesn’t often happen that you can to tell “, underlined Ida Minnocci, head of the Intensive Care at San Benedetto di Alatri.



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