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Covid Italy, today 5,506 infections and 149 deaths: May 19 bulletin


May 19, 2021

There are 5,506 coronavirus infections in Italy today, May 19, according to region-by-region data in the Civil Protection bulletin. Since yesterday, another 149 deaths have been recorded. The number of ICU admissions continues to decline, where there are now 1,643 people (-46 from yesterday), with 70 new entries. Ordinary hospitalizations are 11,018 ordinary hospitalizations (-521 from yesterday), 3,741,149 recovered (+13,929) and 306,730 currently positive (-8,578). Read also THE DATA OF THE PIEDMONT REGIONS – There are 515 new coronavirus infections in Piedmont, according to the table of today’s bulletin, May 19. Also recorded 14 other deaths. The Crisis Unit of the Region has communicated 515 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 30 after antigen tests), equal to 2.5% of the 20,203 swabs performed, of which 10,586 antigenic. Of the 515 new cases, 212 asymptomatic patients (41.2%). There are 56 screening cases, 333 case contacts, 126 with ongoing investigation, 2 in RSA and Social Welfare Structures, 77 in schools and 436 among the general population. The total number of positive cases therefore becomes 360.997. There are 133 hospitalized in intensive care (- 6 compared to yesterday). There are 1,075 hospitalized patients not in intensive care (-39 compared to yesterday). There are 8,212 people in home isolation. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 4,743,050 (+ 20,203 compared to yesterday), of which 1,588,894 were negative. With the 14 deaths recorded, the total is now 11,549 deaths tested positive for the virus. A total of 340,028 patients healed (+1,037 compared to yesterday) LOMBARDY – There are 936 new infections from Coronavirus in Lombardy according to today’s bulletin, May 19. The dead are 25 according to the table of the Civil Protection. 1,482 were recovered or discharged. Among the provinces with the highest number of new infections Milan at 230, Varese at 158 ​​and Brescia at 103.LAZIO – There are 466 new infections from Coronavirus in Lazio according to today’s bulletin, May 19. The table refers to another 16 deaths. In Rome there have been 208 new cases in the last 24 hours. 30,625 are currently positive for Covid-19 in Lazio, of which 1,454 hospitalized, 215 in intensive care and 28,956 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 298,998 have been healed, 8,053 dead out of a total of 337,676 cases examined SARDINIA – There are 69 new coronavirus infections in Sardinia according to today’s bulletin, 19 May. Also recorded 4 other deaths. Over 9 thousand anti-Covid tests carried out in the last 24 hours. Patients in hospital are 195 (-10), 38 (-2) those in intensive care. There are 13,536 people in home isolation and 296 more healed. Of the 56,285 positive cases ascertained, 14,696 (+15) were detected in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, 8,572 (+19) in Southern Sardinia, 5,111 (+9) in Oristano , 10,814 (+8) in Nuoro, 17,077 (+18) in Sassari CAMPANIA – There are 634 new coronavirus infections in Campania according to the table of the bulletin today, 19 May. Also recorded 19 other deaths. The new cases emerged from the analysis of 14,637 molecular swabs. In today’s bulletin released by the Crisis Unit of the Region there are 19 new deaths, 6 of which occurred in the last 48 hours and 13 occurred previously, but recorded yesterday. 6,893 people have died in Campania since the beginning of the pandemic. The new healed are 1,519; the total number of healed is 330,200. In Campania there are 93 Covid patients hospitalized in intensive care, 1,081 Covid patients hospitalized in hospital wards.PUGLIA – There are 433 coronavirus infections in Puglia today, May 19, according to data from the region’s bulletin. Since yesterday, another 8 deaths have been recorded. There was a slight increase in new positive cases compared to a decrease in the number of tests. Deaths are falling. The growth of the healed is remarkable and therefore also the current positives undergo a strong decrease. Inpatients are also decreasing. From the daily epidemiological bulletin, drawn up by the Region on the basis of the currently positive cases are 35,761 while yesterday they were 36,789 (-1,028). There are 1,118 hospitalized patients while yesterday they were 1,159 (-41). The total of positive Covid cases in Puglia since the beginning of the emergency is 247,334 divided as follows: 93,759 in the province of Bari; 24,742 in the province of Bat; 18,859 in the province of Brindisi; 44,263 in the province of Foggia; 25,853 in the province of Lecce; 38,691 in the province of Taranto; 790 attributed to residents outside the region; 377 province of residence not known.BASILICATA – There are 68 new coronavirus infections in Basilicata according to today’s bulletin, May 19. Also recorded two other deaths. The total molecular swabs carried out p of 1,253 molecular swabs. The two new victims resided in Picerno and Tolve. There are 190 Lucanians cured or negated. Updating the overall data, the currently positive Lucanians are 4,606 (-126), of which 4,509 in home isolation. 20,048 people residing in Basilicata recovered from the beginning of the health emergency and 548 have died.VENETO – 333 coronavirus infections in Veneto today, May 19, according to data from the regional bulletin released by the governor Luca Zaia. Since yesterday, another 8 deaths have been recorded. “The new cases were identified on 34,555 swabs, the incidence is 0.96%: it is a record. We have good data, if we consider that the swabs concern people who have had contact with positives”, says Zaia. “The prevalence of the virus is decreasing strongly and this gives us hope “, adds the president of the region. The positives in Veneto are 13,620. 941 (-18) hospitalized for covid: of these, 828 (-17) are patients in the non-critical area. In intensive care, 113 (-1) people MARCHE – There are 130 coronavirus infections in the Marche today, May 19, according to data from the region’s bulletin. The Health Service announced that 4063 swabs have been tested in the last 24 hours: 2082 in the new diagnosis path (of which 531 in the screening with the Antigenic pathway) and 1981 in the healed path (with a positive / tested ratio of 6.2%) The positives in the new diagnosis path are 130 (30 in the province of Macerata, 23 in the province of Ancona, 52 in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, 5 in the province of Fermo, 14 in the province of Ascoli Piceno and 6 outside the region). they include symptomatic subjects (28 cases detected), contacts in the home setting (37 cases detected), close contacts of positive cases (41 cases detected), contacts in the work setting (1 case detected), contacts in the care setting (1 case detected), contacts with the involvement of students of all educational levels (9 cases detected), health care path screening (1 case detected) For another 12 cases, epidemiological investigations are still being carried out. In the Antigen Screening Pathway 531 tests were carried out and 23 positive cases were found (to be subjected to the molecular swab). The positive / tested ratio is 4%. TUSCANY – There are 341 coronavirus infections in Tuscany today, May 19, according to data from the region’s bulletin anticipated by Governor Eugenio Giani on social media. “The new cases registered in Tuscany are 341 out of 21,555 tests of which 11,593 molecular swabs and 9,962 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 1.58% (5.2% on the first diagnoses)”, writes Giani, adding that vaccines currently administered in the region are 1.754.212.VALLE D’AOSTA – There are 23 infections from Coronavirus in Valle d’Aosta according to the bulletin of today, May 19. Two deaths from the Civil Protection table. There are 23 hospitalized and 331 in home isolation for Covid. On the other hand, no patient was admitted to intensive care. The healed are 10,600, an increase of 54 units compared to yesterday, the swabs carried out to date are 124,827, + 544, of which 30,034 carried out with rapid unsanitary tests. From the beginning of the epidemic to today, 471 deaths have been recorded in Valle d’Aosta FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – There are 45 new infections from Coronavirus in Friuli Venezia Giulia according to today’s bulletin, May 19. The table refers to three other deaths. In the last 24 hours, 6,891 molecular swabs were made. The number of admissions in intensive care units dropped to 13, as did those in other departments to 64. Since the beginning of the pandemic there have been 3,773 deaths in the Region. In the sector of residences for the elderly, no cases of positivity were detected among the people housed in the regional structures, while a case was recorded among health workers.CALABRIA – There are 228 new coronavirus infections in Calabria, according to the table of the bulletin of today, May 19th. Also recorded 2 other deaths. In the Region to date, 768,717 subjects have been subjected to tests for a total of 835,122 swabs performed (more tests can be carried out on the same subject). The people who tested positive for Coronavirus are 65,039 (+228 compared to yesterday), negative ones 703,678, according to the daily data relating to the Covid-19 epidemic communicated by the Health Protection Department, which recorded +1 intensive care and +508 recovered /dimessi.SICILIA – There are 603 new infections from Coronavirus in Sicily according to the bulletin of today, May 19. The table refers to another 10 deaths. There were 1,618 discharged or healed in the last 24 hours. Among the provinces with the highest number of new cases Catania at 268, Palermo at 60 and Agrigento at 58.LIGURIA – There are 85 new infections from Coronavirus in Liguria according to today’s bulletin, May 19. The table refers to two other deaths. In the last 24 hours, 219 people recovered or discharged. Among the provinces with the highest number of new cases Genoa at 35, La Spezia at 18, Imperia at 15 and Savona at 13.

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