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Covid, “anxious phobic personality and psychotic disorders”: the semiology of No Vax


The “Semiology of no-vax” lands on social media, transforming a position, that of those who are against the administration of vaccines, into “pathology”. The post was published on a Facebook group temporarily dedicated to Sars Cov 2 and Covid 19 for over one hundred thousand doctors and dentists, who can participate in the chat only by invitation. “Semiology of no vax – begins the author of the text – Often little or no scientific culture and / or modest cultural level, absolute conviction of one’s own ideas, intolerance towards those who think differently, inability to deal with a logical reasoning that leads to another direction, aggression (which frequently exceeds the limit of the offense if not, sometimes, of the penal code), compulsion to repeat his thesis over and over again, tendency (necessity?) to give credit to unreliable sources but with great emotional communication skills (!!!) “The profile continues. Loyal to the medical alter ego of semiology, which is semeiotics (‘discipline that has as its object the relief and study of signs that orient towards diagnosis’, Treccani definition), the author also introduces “the diagnostic hypothesis: personality anxious phobic, possibly accompanied or supported by other types of disorders, including psychotic, previously subclinical “. And finally the “clinic: use of the mechanism of negation (of no vax – ed) to quell anguish”. For completeness, the author has also introduced a premise to the post, as befits a scientific essay: “by no-vax I mean the a priori and unreasonably opposed, not those who argue on rational and scientific grounds”.


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