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Covid, Sentinelle Constitution: “semiology no vax? New form of racism”


“Current history teaches us the opposite of what is written in the ‘semiology of no-vax’ posted on a chat of doctors on Facebook. those who do not want to confront each other. A real liberticidal declaration “. This is the comment to the Adnkronos by Edoardo Polacco, president of the Sentinelle della Constitution Association, which has about 200 thousand followers. Polacco remembers: “a few days ago Burioni mocked the unvaccinated by calling them ‘mice’ because a certain system refuses any kind of interview, there is no opportunity to speak to those who do not believe in the anti-covid vaccine”. “And then – Polacco jokes – the author of the post makes a diagnosis without even having visited ‘the patient’. This happens because the unvaccinated are marginalized. A racial ghettoization is underway which is extremely dangerous for democracy. A new form of socialization is being created. racism, now also supported by a ‘no vax semiology’ in which the diligent doctor reduces the category of those who do not want to get vaccinated to that of psychopaths “.

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