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Covid, Rasi: “We will have hospitals full of serious unvaccinated”


In Italy “unfortunately we will again have” hospital wards “full of serious unvaccinated, because the Delta variant” of the coronavirus “is very quick to infect unvaccinated people and once again we will have to convert the wards into Covid wards and postpone again treatment for patients who have been waiting for two years now for equally important pathologies or which in the meantime worsen and become important. It is truly intolerable in my opinion “. So in Agorà on Rai 3 Guido Rasi, professor of microbiology at the University of Tor Vergata and consultant to the emergency commissioner Figliuolo. “Moreover – warned the former Ema director – the Delta variant is more aggressive and unfortunately it will also infect many vaccinated without causing serious illness. So we will have an increasing number of people to follow at home, probably vaccinated who have had the Delta in light form “.” I am of the opinion that for some categories the obligation to “vaccinate” must start from 31 August because some activities have to restart. it’s the teachers, the health personnel, the police and all those people who are exposed to the public. This is because it is the virus that asks for it, it is the Delta variant “, continued Rasi. “Although conceptually in favor of the idea of ​​trying to persuade” people – explained Rasi – “the virus unfortunately dictates the timing and does not leave us the choice”. “Surely we continue to see the beneficial effects of the vaccine against the drama towards which we will go with the Delta variant without the vaccine – assured the scientist – and we continue to persuade. We must play all the cards we have because the Delta variant infects in 10-15 minutes, while before the virus infected the 30-45 then it infects at an enormous speed; vaccines lose 15% of power with the Delta variant therefore of the 80% that we vaccinate we will have a smaller share protected. the expert – must have measures taken, it is not an ideological fact. I have always been against the obligation but I have come to the determination that in this particular moment the vaccination obligation is needed by a certain date. – that it is the virus that decides it, we must unfortunately follow or anticipate it as much as possible “. Extend the duration of the Green pass to 12 months? “I hope that the decision will be made on the basis of scientific data that arrive every 48 hours, are updated and certainly an extension must be seen in the light of evidence that supports it”, continues Rasi. The extension of the duration of the green passport “certainly raises a reflection “why” one of the reasons that seems to be increasingly evident in the reinfection of people – explains Rasi – seems to be precisely the decrease in immunity. It is not known whether it lasts 6 months, 9 months or more. Surely extending the Green pass was a very wise idea because there was no evidence of having to expire it so quickly, now – however, the scientist warns – the first evidence is starting to appear and I know that the debate is heated “. And “I absolutely agree that it is the data that must guide us”.


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