NewsLocalRain on weekends, high pressure returns from Monday

Rain on weekends, high pressure returns from Monday


In the next few hours a polar vortex will touch Italy, once again bringing in fresh winds from the northern quadrants. The weather will deteriorate again over many regions. The team of the website warns that after the thunderstorms that will hit Emilia Romagna, central-southern Veneto and especially the Marche on Friday, the weather will be even more unstable on Saturday. In fact, since the morning, irregular clouds and scattered precipitations will affect the North while thunderstorms will begin to affect Tuscany and then reach widely Umbria, internal Lazio, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise. Other precipitations will bathe the southern Tyrrhenian coasts and finally the Gargano in the evening. Falling temperatures. Finally, on Sunday, the highly unstable weather will move towards the south with other rains and thunderstorms, in the meantime in the Center-North the pressure will begin to increase, giving a festive day marked by ample sunshine. Temperatures decreasing also in the South. IN DETAIL Friday 27. In the North: rains on the lower Veneto and thunderstorms in Emilia Romagna, showers on La Spezia. Center: worsens on the Tuscan hills and especially on the Marche, here with strong thunderstorms. In the south: sunny. Saturday 28. In the north: many clouds everywhere, more unstable weather in the Triveneto Alps. Middle: markedly unstable in Tuscany, Umbria, inland Lazio and the Adriatic regions. In the south: showers on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea. Sunday 29. In the north: sunny. Center: partly cloudy sky. In the south: locally unstable with showers over southern Campania, Calabria and then Basilicata and central-southern Puglia. High pressure returns from Monday.

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