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Mafia: from Commissioner almost 400 thousand euros in compensation for victims of violent crimes


The Prefect Commissioner Marcello Cardona chaired the Committee for solidarity with the victims of the mafia and violent crimes to examine the requests for compensation and compensation. In particular, 100 thousand euros were allocated to the owner of a security institution, victim of extortion committed in Vibo Valentia in 2009 by the Lo Bianco clan, a total of 100 thousand euros to family members for the double murder of a student killed together with her grandfather by her ex-boyfriend, for reasons of jealousy, in the province of Catania, 24 thousand euros to the separated husband of a victim of “femicide”, shot dead in 2015 in the province of Naples, by the man with whom she had started a new relationship, then finished. In addition, an additional 46,300 total were assigned to parents for the murder of their son, committed in 2015 in Crotone, 45,500 euros in total to the children and wife for the murder for the purpose of robbery of the relative, committed in 2006 in Naples, 55 thousand euros in total. to the son and husband separated for the murder of his wife, committed in 2010 by a friend in love with the young woman, but not paid and 25,000 euros in favor of a victim of sexual violence, committed by his uncle, in 2011 in Gallipoli.



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