NewsLocalCascarano (Parents for the school): "Fake news on vaccine,...

Cascarano (Parents for the school): “Fake news on vaccine, exposed against Iss”


A complaint against the Higher Institute of Health, which allegedly published a “fake news” on its website. This was presented by the Article 34 Committee – Parents for the School, which this morning, in the person of its president, Daria Cascarano, presented himself to the Carabinieri of San Lorenzo in Lucina, in Rome. “With great regret – Cascarano tells Adnkronos – we have noted a serious inaccuracy in the ‘vademecum against fake news’ of the ISS site, which, trying to deny false news on vaccines, gives an even more false one. It is written that all the vaccines ‘have completed all the steps of the experimentation’, ‘therefore they are not experimental’. This is not at all exact because as well underlined on the Ema Europa website this is expected in December 2023. We hope that this inaccuracy will be immediately adjusted so as not to lead us to believe that it was done voluntarily with the aim of overcoming any critical thinking about the vaccine. Something that in a civil society must never be lacking for its growth “. The statement reports the news of the Iss site dated 7 August 2021: “The Vaccines authorized against Sars – Cov -2 have completed all the steps of the experimentation necessary for the marketing authorization without skipping any of them …… .i vaccines currently used in the vaccination campaign in Italy are therefore not experimental but preparations regularly placed on the market after completing the process that tested their quality, safety, etc. etc. ( / – / asset_publisher / 3f4alMwzN1Z7 / content / covid-dall-iss-a-vademecum-against-fake-news-on-vaccines) “. “The reported press release – reads the statement – belongs to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and on the page it created ad hoc aimed at denying the false news about vaccines. On closer inspection it is this same false news and comes from the same Institute. And in fact the vaccine in question, as will be reported and documented below, is still in the experimental phase, what was recently authorized by the Fda, Food and Drug Administration (American Agency that monitors drugs) is the approval issued on 23 August 2021 for the emergency use of the Pfizer BioTech serum license in individuals over the age of 16. This assumption can be inferred from a faithful translation of the original letter sent by the FDA to the manufacturer of the serum “. The Committee reports in the complaint what is declared by the same Iss: “To confirm the efficacy and safety of Comirnaty, the holder of the marketing authorization must provide the final report on the clinical study relating to the randomized, placebo-controlled study C4591001. , blind to the observer and this by the date of December 2023 “.” Ours – concludes Cascarano – is a form of attention dictated by conscientious parenting because if we adults have the freedom to take responsibility for the choice of vaccinating ourselves even with the pride of contributing to research against Covid, so it is not for minors whose risks are still too many and the benefits almost nil “.


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