NewsLocal#Sepassailddlzan, social irony: "YMCA will be national anthem"

#Sepassailddlzan, social irony: “YMCA will be national anthem”


A hashtag created to counter the approval of the Zan Bill, ‘snatched’ by the supporters of the provision and become a virtual place for irony and bursts of jokes about possible scenarios in the event of the green light to the law against homotransphobia. This is how #SepassailddlZan becomes a trend on Twitter where the imagination of hundreds of users runs to the cry of “the Italian national anthem will be YMCA of the Village People”. And if “Raffaella Carrà will go up to the Quirinale for two terms. And it will be beautiful”, with the approval, they explain, “the 3 owls on the dresser will scare the doctor’s daughter”. The cornerstones of Italian cuisine are also at risk: “We will eat pasta all’amatriciana with diced bacon and parmesan”, “they will force us Emilians to eat tortellini with tofu sauce every day” but also “they put parmesan in linguine with clams “. “They will allow you to roll a foosball table!”, They sound the alarm, while someone fears future problems in the family: “My grandmother – we read – will be able to call me by twenty different names easily, including male ones, and I will not be able to correct her”.



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