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No trial for Carola Rackete, Prosecutor Agrigento asks for archiving


The Prosecutor of Agrigento has asked for the filing of Carola Rackete, the commander of the Sea Watch ship, accused of having forced entry to the port of Lampedusa two summers ago. Rackete had been arrested for “resistance or violence against a warship”. Now the Prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio, as ‘Repubblica’ writes, has asked for the case to be closed because the commander had “the duty to bring the migrants to port”. According to the Prosecutor of Agrigento, the commander would have acted out of a state of necessity: she had the “duty to bring migrants to a safe harbor” as she could no longer guarantee the safety on board of the 42 people rescued 17 days earlier, which the then Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini did not want to land. After arriving at night in front of the port of Lampedusa, despite the prohibition of the then minister Salvini, she invoked the state of necessity and reiterated the request for immediate disembarkation. Then, getting no response, he decided to force the ban and entered the port. In the maneuver a patrol boat of the Guardia di Finanza rammed.
“I am highly satisfied with Carola Rackete’s filing request made by the Prosecutor of Agrigento. The prosecutors confirm with this request the thesis we have always upheld, namely that Carola acted in the fulfillment of a duty, that of saving human lives” he said to the Adnkronos the lawyer Salvatore Tesoriero, the lawyer of the Sea Watch commander who two years ago was arrested for resistance or violence against a warship, after having forced entry to the port of Lampedusa. “The Prosecutor – continues the lawyer – at the outcome of the investigation it carried out further investigations and assessed that the cause of the fulfillment of the duty must actually be identified and must exist “. “There were several signs – says the lawyer – which also came from the Court of Cassation”. And again: “I remember at the time the provisions of the former minister Salvini and I note today, after two years, that Carola Rackete had acted to save lives in fulfillment of a duty. This was supported from the beginning”.



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