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Polar lunge coming, temperatures down and thunderstorms – that’s where


A polar lunge is coming. “Fresh currents from the northern quadrants continue to flow into Italy, lowering temperatures, especially in the Center-North. From Friday, a further supply of fresh air of polar origin will further drop the thermometers, this time also in the South”. This is what the team of the website explains, informing “that after a Thursday mostly sunny and warmer in the Center-North (storms especially in Puglia and Calabria), on Friday an unstable impulse will hit Friuli with thunderstorms and hail first. Venezia Giulia, then all of Emilia Romagna and eastern Liguria and therefore also the Marches. The additional supply of fresh air will once again drop the temperatures which will drop below the average by almost 8 ° C. Over the course of the weekend l ‘fresh air will also reach the South causing severe thunderstorms on the Apennine sectors, on the areas adjacent to them, but also in Puglia and Campania. In the Center-North after a highly unstable, cool and rainy Saturday, the weather will improve on Sunday “. IN DETAIL Thursday 26. In the north: sunny, but in the evening it gets worse over Friuli Venezia Giulia with thunderstorms. In the center: a bit unstable in Abruzzo and Molise, sun elsewhere. In the south: unstable over Puglia, Apennines, Calabria, locally also in Sicily and inland Campania. Friday 27. In the north: many clouds, thunderstorms in Emilia Romagna, lower Veneto, eastern Liguria. Middle: worsens on Marche, inland Tuscany and then Abruzzo with thunderstorms. In the south: mostly sunny. Saturday 28. In the north: unstable and cool day. Center: numerous showers or thunderstorms. In the south: very unstable at times. Sunday, unstable in the south, sun elsewhere.


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