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Mayor of Rome, Bertolaso: “I am not a candidate”


“I am not applying”. Guido Bertolaso ​​expresses himself categorically on the rumors that draw him close to the candidacy for mayor of Rome. “Arriving in Lombardy in early February to contribute to the vaccination campaign, I made it clear right away that I could not consider other public commitments including the dream of building a better future for the most beautiful city in the world, reduced to an embarrassing caravanserai from the worst management since the time of Romulus and Remus “, he writes on Facebook. “I have repeated my refusal several times and on several occasions – emphasizes Bertolaso ​​- motivating it with personal reasons that have absolute priority. I am flattered by the continuous and repeated appreciation and I thank those fellow citizens who in various ways urge me to change my mind, but my future next is already written far from Rome. I ask for respect and understanding for my decision and I pray to avoid, from now on, to involve my name in the totocandidati “.



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