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Reopening of schools, Sasso: “Yes to salivary tests, vaccine is not enough”


“Quarantines, school closures and the consequent cultural deprivation for our children can be avoided above all with adequate tracking. Quick, effective, minimally invasive and above all free of charge: salivary swabs. There are Italian companies that produce and sell them. at 3 euros “. Undersecretary for Education Rossano Sasso writes it on his Facebook page, adding: “If the Ministry of Health does not want to use them, it must take responsibility for them. It is a political choice, not a scientific one, given that the ISS has validated them. Rather. that we inform, clarify doubts and promote salivary swabs together with vaccines to accuse, discriminate, suspend or dismiss school workers “. “The vaccine is not enough. Vaccine necessary, fundamental, but not sufficient to avoid infections and then non-existent for a large segment of the student population, those under the age of 12. Avoidable infections with adequate tracking of the school community”.


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