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Covid today Italy, 7,548 infections and 59 deaths: 25 August bulletin


There are 7,548 new coronavirus infections today 25 August 2021 in Italy, according to the data – region by region – of the Civil Protection bulletin. There are another 59 deaths. There are 244,420 buffers, including molecular and antigenic, processed in 24 hours which show a positive rate of 3%. At the moment there are 135,724 coronavirus positive people, 399 more than yesterday, hospitalized with symptoms (-16) and patients in intensive care (-5) in 24 hours. A total of 4,023 patients are hospitalized with symptoms while 499 are hospitalized in intensive care. The admissions to resuscitation in 24 hours amount to 34.
Since the beginning of the emergency, 4,502,396 people have been infected by Covid-19 in Italy while 128,914 have been victims. The healed since the beginning of the emergency are 4,237,758, 7,081 more than yesterday. Data from the Regions: LOMBARDY – There are 605 new coronavirus infections in Lombardy according to data from today’s bulletin, 25 August 2021. Another 5 deaths are recorded, leading to 33,892 deaths in the region since the beginning of the covid pandemic. 19. Since yesterday, 39,028 swabs have been carried out, the positivity rate is 1.5%. There is a decrease in the number of people admitted to intensive care, which are 43 (-2 compared to yesterday). Patients not in intensive care rose to 340 (+11). These are the new cases by province: Milan 173 of which 63 in Milan city; Bergamo 52; Brescia 96; Como 41; Cremona 32; Lecco 18; Lauds 14; Mantua 30; Monza and Brianza 44; Pavia 34; Sondrio 7 and Varese: 34.SARDINIA – There are 487 new coronavirus infections in Sardinia according to data from today’s bulletin, 25 August. There are 3 deaths in the last 24 hours. Since yesterday 4,189 people have been tested. A total of 8,421 swabs were processed, including molecular and antigenic. There are 24 patients admitted to intensive care units (+ 2 compared to yesterday). The patients admitted to the medical area are 225 (+ 1 compared to yesterday). There are 7,683 cases of home isolation (+140 compared to yesterday). SICILY – There are 1,409 new coronavirus infections in Sicily according to data from today’s bulletin, 25 August 2021. There are another 9 deaths. The island remains the region in Italy with the highest daily increase of new covid cases. Since yesterday 21,519 swabs have been processed. The current positives rise to 25,506. Of these, 751 patients are hospitalized with symptoms, while 102 patients are in intensive care. This is the breakdown of the new cases on a provincial basis: 374 in Palermo, 314 in Catania, 220 in Messina, 114 in Ragusa, 25 in Trapani, 117 in Syracuse, 92 in Caltanissetta, 90 in Agrigento and 63 in Enna. The healed in the last 24 hours were 841.LAZIO – There are 442 new coronavirus infections in Lazio according to the data of the bulletin today, 25 August 2021. There are another 4 deaths. “Today there are 442 new positive cases (+17), down compared to last week (-261 compared to Wednesday 18 August) and there are 4 deaths (-2). intensive care is 66 (-2), 702 are healed. Cases in Rome city are at 134. Hospitalization and intensive care are decreasing “, said the councilor for Health and Social and Health Integration of the Lazio Region, Alessio D ‘ Amato at the conclusion of today’s videoconference of the regional task force for Covid-19 with the general managers of the ASL and hospitals, university polyclinics and the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital. 16,501 people are currently positive for Covid-19 in Lazio, of which 516 hospitalized, 66 in intensive care and 15,919 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 347,129 have been cured and 8,494 have died, out of a total of 372,124 cases examined. In Lazio, “today 7.6 million vaccine administrations have been exceeded”, D’Amato announced. CAMPANIA – There are 569 new coronavirus infections in Campania according to data from today’s bulletin, 25 August 2021. another 14 deaths (6 in the last 48 hours, 8 previously but recorded yesterday). In the last 24 hours, 15,987 swabs were performed. There are 18 covid patients hospitalized in intensive care and 346 in non-critical area. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 442,853 cases and 7,709 deaths have been recorded in the region.EMILIA ROMAGNA – There are 412 new coronavirus infections in Emilia Romagna according to data from today’s bulletin, 25 August. There are another 7 deaths. Since yesterday, 26,835 swabs have been performed, the positivity rate is 1.5%. The average age of new positives today is 35. The contagion situation in the provinces sees Rimini with 78 new cases, then Modena and Ravenna (both 44), Reggio Emilia (42) and then Parma and Bologna (both 41). Followed by Ferrara (34), Forlì (29), Cesena and Piacenza (both 25), and finally the Nuovo Circondario Imolese (9). The active cases, that is the actual patients, to date are 14,887 (+51 compared to yesterday). Of these, people in isolation at home are a total of 14,422 (+46), 96.9% of the total number of active cases. In total, there have been 13,334 deaths in the region since the beginning of the epidemic. There are 55 patients admitted to intensive care (+1 compared to yesterday), 410 those in the other Covid departments (+4). ABRUZZO – There are 120 new coronavirus infections in Abruzzo according to data from today’s bulletin, 25 August. One death has been recorded in the past 24 hours, for a total of 2,523 deaths in the region since the start of the covid-19 pandemic. The currently positives in Abruzzo are 2,230 (-2 compared to yesterday). 73 patients (+5 compared to yesterday) hospitalized in the medical area; 13 (unchanged compared to yesterday) in intensive care, while the other 2,144 (-7 compared to yesterday) are in home isolation with active surveillance by the ASL. In the last 24 hours, 2,587 molecular swabs were performed (1,314,191 in total since the start of the emergency) and 3,881 antigen tests (674,392). The positivity rate is 1.85%. Of the total number of positive cases, 19,838 are resident or domiciled in the province of L’Aquila (+36 compared to yesterday), 20,167 in the province of Chieti (+22), 19,164 in the province of Pescara (+23), 18,604 in the province of Teramo ( +30), 648 outside the region (+9) and 123 (unchanged) for which checks are underway on the origin FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – There are 222 coronavirus infections in Friuli Venezia Giulia today, 25 August 2021, according to data from regional bulletin. As of yesterday, one death was registered. In detail, 206 new infections were detected on 4,922 molecular swabs (including 11 migrants / asylum seekers: 2 in Trieste, 2 in Gorizia, 2 in Udine and 5 in Pordenone) with a positive percentage of 4.19%. There are also 3,110 rapid antigenic tests performed from which 16 cases (0.51%) were detected. The death relates to a 1961 unvaccinated woman with previous pathologies hospitalized in intensive care at the Udine hospital; 11 people remain hospitalized in intensive care while the number of hospitalized in other departments decreases to 28, as communicated by the deputy governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi. 105,279 totally healed, 79 clinically healed while people in isolation amount to 1.037. As regards the regional health system, the positivity of a nurse from the Friuli Occidental Health Authority and a nurse from the Friuli Centrale University Health Authority was detected, while in relation to residential facilities for the elderly, two guests and an operator were infected . We also report the case of a person who tested positive on returning from abroad (Morocco). APULIA – There are 327 coronavirus infections in Puglia today, 25 August 2021, according to data from the region’s bulletin. Since yesterday, two deaths have been recorded. The total number of victims since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency is 6,697. New cases were identified on 14,924 tests. Currently positive people are 4,550. Covid patients hospitalized in a non-critical area are 217. In intensive care, however, 25 people. TUSCANY – There are 654 new coronavirus infections in Tuscany according to today’s bulletin, 25 August. Also recorded 7 other deaths. 15,764 tests carried out, of which 5,673 molecular swabs and 10,091 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 4.15% (9.3% on first diagnoses). The vaccines currently administered are 4,705,889, The total of cases rises to 267,976 since the beginning of the coronavirus health emergency. New cases are 0.2% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grew by 0.4% and reached 249,151 (93% of total cases). Today, 10,091 molecular swabs and 5,673 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 4.1% were positive. On the other hand, 7,067 subjects tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swab, excluding control swabs), of which 9.3% were positive. The currently positive are 11,832 today, -2.3% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 419 (7 less than yesterday), of which 40 in intensive care (1 less).


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