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“I am vaccinated, but I am not”: Guido’s odyssey


A bureaucratic mistake. A Kafkaesque situation to say the least. “I turn out to be vaccinated with the double dose, but I swear ‘I’ve never done it’. I just booked and I didn’t go” says Mr. Guido speaking with Adnkronos. “The absurdity is that now I am already vaccinated and, obviously, they do not make me cancel or rebook. I am 63 years old and I am afraid of Covid”. Whether it was an entry error or whether there was a hand from the hacker who hit the Lazio booking platform at the beginning of August is difficult to say. Guido booked the vaccine on 23 July 2021 at the Eastman of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome, but he felt ill the night before and was unable to go there. He didn’t even make the recall, of course, set for August 13, as he hadn’t taken the first dose. He then tried to fix the appointment for the vaccine again, but from the Lazio reservation center on the phone they told him that it appeared to have already made the first dose and, therefore, they could not cancel and make a new reservation. On the site, even, it appears to have done both doses. “I asked a lady to book the appointment on the site again – you know at my age I don’t have a computer and my cell phone is old – but you can’t if you are already vaccinated. She also called the Lazio reservation number. The answer is always the same with a single variation: there they say that I have only taken the first dose “. “I haven’t received the Green Pass yet, I’m waiting for it”, comments Guido ironically, spreading his arms in a gesture of discomfort. After several phone calls and very long waits at the various switchboards, we then wrote to Eastman to unblock the situation. “We are checking how we can help him” they replied kindly. Guido waits confidently. (by Chiara Moretti)


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