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African heat coming from the weekend, peaks of 34 °: that’s where


The African anticyclone is warming up the engines and is preparing to invade a large part of Italy starting from the weekend. The team of the site informs that Saturday and Sunday will be two days mostly dry and sunny, there will be only some afternoon thunderstorms over the Alps. It will be from Sunday that the high pressure with a sub-tropical matrix will begin to rise towards Italy and influence the South with the first widespread 28-30 ° C on many cities. In the Center it will not rise above 25 ° C as in the Northeast (apart from Bologna which will mark 27 ° C). With the start of next week, the African anticyclone will also embrace the central regions and temperatures will begin to rise considerably in many cities. For some examples, Florence will touch 30 ° C, Rome 32 ° C, Naples 34 ° C like Lecce, Foggia will fly at 36, Potenza and Bari at 32 ° C. It will be less hot in the North even if it will be possible to touch peaks of 26 ° C in the Northeast, especially in Emilia and in the lower Veneto. Furthermore, the anticyclonic presence could last for at least 5-6 days. IN DETAIL Wednesday 19. In the north: new afternoon thunderstorms on the Triveneto. Middle: worsens on the Apennines, upper Tuscany, then Abruzzo and Molise with showers or thunderstorms. South: in the evening it gets worse on the Gargano. Thursday 20. In the north: temporal blocks on the Triveneto reliefs, sun elsewhere. In the center: some storms on the Frosinone area. South: occasional thunderstorms over the Apennines. Friday 21. In the north: mostly sunny. Middle: good weather. In the south: cloudy skies. Weekends with some thunderstorms in the Alps and many clouds in the Center-North, but gradually warmer in the Center-South.



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