NewsLocalCompulsory vaccine, Salmaso: "It is the right to health"

Compulsory vaccine, Salmaso: “It is the right to health”


Compulsory vaccine? “The vaccination obligation in Italy already exists. Even for some particular professions. Metalworkers, for example, must be vaccinated against tetanus. In reality, the obligation to vaccinate, both for children and adults in the professions, is a right to health, guaranteed by the State, not an imposition. From this point of view, therefore, for the vaccination obligation against Covid, in the current conditions, there are margins to be able to consider it absolutely useful. But the regulatory aspect is not to those involved in science to define it “. This was stated by Stefania Salmaso, epidemiologist of the Italian Association of Epidemiology (AIE), guest of ‘Agorà Estate’ on Rai3. Read also In the current epidemiological situation Covid “reaching 80% vaccination protection, among adults and the population over 12 years, and to say that we have reached herd immunity, when all children are discovered, is a scientific matter not solid “, he then explained.” Herd immunity – continues the scholar – is not a viable objective in this context, we were deluded at the beginning. Herd immunity exists and is established when in the community there are so many vaccinated that these shield the few unvaccinated who are scattered among the others. This is not the case today. Firstly, because the unvaccinated are all in well-defined age groups, especially minors who cannot be vaccinated. Second element is that we have seen that vaccines, although very very effective, in some cases do not completely protect the infection and therefore do not always act as a total shield for the transmission of the virus. Those who are not vaccinated are not protected by others who are vaccinated. Those who are vaccinated are protected above all from the most severe events “.


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