• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Corona returns to court: “I’m fine but pissed off”


May 5, 2021

“I’m fine, but I’m pissed.” Fabrizio Corona returns to court in Milan to defend himself from the libel trial against the blogger Selvaggia Lucarelli (civil party), who today like him is called to testify in the courtroom. The sentence was pronounced before the hearing began and the implicit reference is to the recent return to prison on a provision now suspended and on which the Supreme Court will have to rule shortly (there is no date yet). Corona, once in the courtroom, was caught by the judge for being late and for having lowered the mask. “Next time, leave the house a little earlier, so we don’t have to wait for you” the words of judge Daniela Clemente. A reprimand to which Corona, without a mask, responded by provoking the reaction of the judge who threatened to expel him from the courtroom and invited him to wear the protective device. At the heart of the process are a series of statements by Corona made when he was a guest on a television broadcast and also for two posts published on Instagram. According to the indictment, Corona would have offended Lucarelli’s reputation.