NewsLocalSon: "80% vaccinated by 30 September, target will be...

Son: “80% vaccinated by 30 September, target will be reached”


The target of 80% vaccinated against Covid in Italy by 30 September “will be achieved”. This is said by the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. In the meantime, the national vaccination campaign will be able to count, starting from tomorrow, on deliveries to the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of messenger RNA vaccines, for a total of over 5.3 million doses of which over 3.7 million Pfizer and over 1.6 of Modern. The total number of administrations since the beginning of the campaign has reached 75,622,961, bringing the percentage of the population over 12 protected from the effects of Covid19 to over 67.6%, equal to 36.5 million vaccinated. the commissioner structure. Meanwhile, the percentage of those who have received at least one dose of the vaccine exceeds 72.3% equal to 39 million people, which becomes 41.6, over 77% of the entire audience, if the single doses and people are added together. affected by previous infections. Yesterday the total number of administrations was about 303 thousand, of these, about 132 thousand, 45% of the total, are the first doses that occurred in favor of people without coverage, who thus took the first step of the vaccination cycle. To underline the high number of young people between the ages of 12 and 19 who received the first dose of the vaccine yesterday: 42,926 out of 132 thousand, or about a third of the beneficiaries. The Extraordinary Commissioner stressed that “the goal declared in March to vaccinate 80% of the population over 12 years old will be fully completed by 30 September”. After the physiological decline, due to the summer break of the two weeks at the turn of August , since yesterday the pace of vaccinations has resumed at a good pace. “The high number of vaccines being distributed in these days to the Regions and PA – he explained – together with the 2084 vaccination points, the contribution of general practitioners, pediatricians of free choice and pharmacies, allow me to look with optimism at the goal planned for the end of September. “” Confirmations – continued General Figliuolo – which also come from the continuous discussions with the presidents of the Regions and public administrations who they tell me positive numbers on bookings and, in these days usually dedicated to holidays, they have made every effort to make it easier for Italians to get vaccinated “.” S Days dedicated to the vaccine without reservation were organized, giving the possibility of using the vaccine for those outside the Region, both for those who were on vacation or for those who were away from home for work – he added – Other targeted initiatives concerned campers specially prepared for reach people in holiday resorts, and the creation of preferential lanes for young people and sportspeople ”.


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