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Green pass school, the principals: “Free swabs for those who do not vaccinate for health reasons”


Free swabs at school only for those who cannot receive the covid vaccine for health reasons. On the issue of the green pass, this is the position that Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Association of Principals, exhibits at Adnkronos. “We also ask that the Protocol of August 14 be amended as indicated in the note of August 18, which limits the free of charge of tampons to those who cannot vaccinate for health reasons”, says Giannelli, who will meet the Ministry tomorrow afternoon at 5.30 pm on question. The PNA, which did not sign the Protocol on August 14, states: “We ask that the text be amended in the sense repeatedly reiterated. That is, it is written that the reimbursement of the tampon can only be requested by those who cannot be vaccinated for reasons It is a Kafkaesque situation: the protocol says some things; the Ministry has made it clear that certain phrases must be understood in a certain way; The unions have contradicted. We will therefore not sign as long as the wording remains the current one and the ideas are clear “.” I believe, however, that at this point in order to avoid friction of this type, the advisability of a vaccination obligation for all civil servants of the state should be evaluated. A law of Parliament would put everyone in agreement. leaves too much room for discretion “.


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