NewsLocalCovid, Gelmini: "Vaccination obligation is not a heresy"

Covid, Gelmini: “Vaccination obligation is not a heresy”


” I agree with Minister Brunetta: the vaccine would be indispensable for those who work in the front office in the Public Administration and for those who work in public services. After all, the obligation to vaccinate is not a heresy: it already exists for some diseases. However, such a decision rests with Parliament. My opinion is that we must wait for the data: if we were to judge the coverage of 80% of the population as unattainable, I would see no alternatives ”. The Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies Maria Stella Gelmini says this in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’. ” It is still too early to take stock, because the data are conditioned by the general effect of August – he adds – After all, a slowdown in the vaccination campaign in recent weeks was foreseeable. The data for the next fifteen days will be decisive. The use of the green pass can be extended. ” On the controversy arising over the recovery plan, the minister adds: ” The government, under the direction of President Draghi, has done an extraordinary job. We have set up the toolbox to be able to spend European resources well and we will make the necessary reforms on schedule. Reforms that will boost the economy and help companies and workers. And as regards Bonomi’s concerns, I want to say that with the center-right in the government there are no risks of anti-business rules ”.


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