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School, the parents of Article 26: “Headmasters and politics stop gender crusade, I bypassed”


“We invite principals and politics to stop this crusade in public schools. The Lazio region has bypassed the Ministry of Education with a very serious abuse. Through an expedient it has ignored the obligation of informed consent of the collegial bodies and single parents on sensitive issues such as those of gender. What happened is proof that if the Zan Bill passed these initiatives would be imposed in all schools in Italy “. Chiara Iannarelli does not mince words, vice president of the Article 26 Association, part of the regional (Lazio) and national Forums, Forags and Fonacs, of the parents’ associations in the school, final tables at the Ministry of Education, commenting on the lines to the Adnkronos guide for the adjustment between psychic identity and physical identity of the San Camillo Forlanini hospital, together with the Genderlens and Agedo association (parents of children and adolescents with gender variance). “With the note 19354 of 2018, the Ministry of Education imposed prior informed consent for all these issues; and the note of 1972 of 2015 requires that gender ideology, or educational practices extraneous to the school world, not enter schools – he explains – Here we are at the revolution: With an expedient the Ministry of Education was bypassed and a partisan ideological group formed through the teachers, to pass and amplify an ideology in concentric circles. And this – he urges – while Great Britain and Sweden, who had anticipated us, have raised the alarm and are retracing their steps for the growing number of young people who are asking to escape the procedures already initiated for transition “. “The school teaches inclusion through respect – remarks Iannarelli – The USSR Lazio has used the public school which should be pluralist, secular and inclusive as a partisan ideological ground. It has not taken into account the developmental development of adolescents; it has imposed a vision of sexuality, ignoring what is enshrined in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: the educational primacy of parents, indispensable to prevent entry into the banks of totalitarian ideologies and to transform the school into a propaganda ground. in Lazio and throughout Italy projects carried out by partisan associations such as the LGBT ones – he concludes – Only civic education should be strengthened in compliance with the values ​​of our Constitution and the Zan ddl stopped “. (by Roberta Lanzara)



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