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Green Pass, Costa: “Obligation to public employees to reopen offices”


“Green pass obligation for Public Administration and also to guarantee the continuity of services”. The Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa asks. “The Green pass must be absolutely extended – he says to Adnkronos Salute – to get our country back to normal. It is no longer acceptable than citizens who need an identity card in a municipality or companies that need certification. they should hear from public administrations with appointments weeks or months apart “. “Smartworking was useful because in the most complicated moment of the pandemic it allowed us to manage the country” but “today I say more Green pass, less smart-working. Even the public sector must return to work in presence because if we want to return to a normal country and a recovery of our country, this must also pass through the reopening of our public offices and our services to citizens, because in some cases it is a question of guaranteeing not only services but rights “. Green passport therefore mandatory also for “employees of public transport, supermarket operators and so on. There are some categories – underlines the undersecretary – for which in my opinion the extension of the compulsory Green pass becomes a guarantee element to ensure that our country continues on this path of gradual return to normality. We cannot afford to take steps backwards “. And a step by the government in this direction could come shortly. “There is a certain sensitivity to reflect and to foresee expansions – says Costa – because when we cleared it as a criterion for guaranteeing safety and traceability, I don’t see why it cannot be extended to other categories. D ‘on the other hand, we started with the school staff because – he clarifies – it is the first appointment and in mid-September we cannot afford to fail to start school in person. But after that we have other objectives “.


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