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Vaccini, Locatelli: “The third dose will be done”. Here’s when


A third dose of anti-Covid vaccine “is absolutely reasonable that it should be done, but it is not fully estimated when administration should be recommended. The explanation is that the observation times of immunized subjects are still limited. It is reasonable to think that yes. goes from 10 months upwards, ie for 10 months the protective capacity of the vaccinated subjects should be maintained, but it is also possible that this time interval will be prolonged “. This was stated by Franco Locatelli, president of the Higher Health Council (Css) and coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee (Cts), in his speech at the hearing at the 12th Senate Hygiene and Health Commission on the methods of administering anti-Covid vaccines to mRna . Speaking of the modalities of administration of the anti-Covid vaccines in mRna, Locatelli explained that “recommending an extension in the administration of the second dose in the sixth week, between 35 and 42 days, finds its rationale in the fact that the second dose within 42 days was reported in the dossier provided by the companies to the EMA and above all it does not affect the effectiveness of the immune response, furthermore the first administration confers protection from the development of the Covid disease. Third pillar, in a scenario in which there is a need for the country to cover a large number of subjects, the conditions in which it is a priority for public health are configured and to cover the largest number of subjects possible “.” The fourth pillar is the comparison with General Figliuolo who had estimated that the enlargement of the the “first to second dose” interval would have increased the number of subjects who could receive the first dose by May by up to 3 million. lastro is what happened in other countries where fatal events with the lengthening have decreased “, concluded Locatelli. Then, answering the question about the feasibility of a booster for the single-dose J&J vaccine, Locatelli recalled that “the J&J vaccine is based on a single dose because the studies presented by the company were done on a population that received only one dose. It is possible that studies aimed at testing a possible incremental advantage provided by the second dose may prove it, but at the moment they are not available today “.



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