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Vaccini Italia, Costa: “Towards 1 million doses per day in June”


“In June there will be a turning point for the vaccination campaign” against Covid-19: “We have a well-organized structure in the area, so we can exceed the goal of 500 thousand vaccinations per day. If we don’t reach one million, we will be close to it”. This is what was proposed by the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa, who spoke at ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Radio Capital. Costa then reiterates the prediction that “with the pace with which we are vaccinating now, in August we can begin to consider the hypothesis of removing the masks outdoors and thus mark a true return to normality, obviously always with the necessary precautions” . As for the measures announced yesterday by the Government, including the easing of anti-contagion measures, reopening calendar and revision of risk assessment parameters, on the decision to postpone the curfew, “it is the result of a process of gradual reopening from which there is no going back back – he explains – The data on the epidemic and the vaccination plans have allowed us to continue on this path. But the positive result is not only the postponement of an hour of the curfew, but having identified an end for this measure. restaurateurs needed certain dates “. On indoor swimming pools open only after 1 July, “the Scientific Technical Committee has highlighted that they can be places where the infection can have significant effects – underlines the undersecretary – but the decree must be converted into Parliament and I hope it can there is still room for a revision, because it has remained one of the few sectors where the response we have given has not met expectations. We can continue to reflect on this “. “An important step forward – Costa finally notes – was also made on parameters such as the Rt index which until yesterday was the yardstick for deciding on openings and closings. Today the picture is different from that of a year ago, we must monitor the data referring to hospitalized patients. For this reason we have reshaped the indexes, with the agreement of the Regions “.



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