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From Monday comes the rain, summer at the end of the line? Forecasts


We are moving towards the final phase of the month of August, a classic period in which summer begins to feel the weight of an autumn that is approaching inexorably day after day. And here in fact, in the next few days a drop of cold air will threaten to knock out the summer with its load of strong instability and intense storms. The first signs of this confirmed change, explains the team of, will already be evident on Sunday with the increase in storm interference close to the Alpine and Pre-Alpine regions. However, it will be from Monday 23 that the effects of a real metamorphosis on the weather-climatic front will be noticed even more. stretches of the Northeast especially on Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna. As the hours pass, showers and thunderstorms will also hit Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige in an irregular form and will insist once again on most of Emilia Romagna, especially close to the Apennine sectors and then move by evening towards the Adriatic belt of the Center as on the Marches and Umbria. On the other hand, there will still be few variations on the rest of the country where sun and heat will continue to dominate the scene. Later, between Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25, the meteorological picture will remain very dynamic at times unstable in the regions of the Center-North under the influx of fresh Mistral and Bora winds which will not only bring back a climatic context more suited to the season, but at the same time will keep the storm interference very active which will continue to have a very irregular and unpredictable distribution. South and Sardinia will continue to enjoy a decidedly more stable and dry weather context, with a ti bit of climate less and less hot. In good weather, only the central-northern sectors of Puglia reached by a few thunderstorms will be an exception. Finally, the week seems to end with yet another attempt by high pressure to return to the protagonist even if to date we have no guarantees of success. , although the summer will suffer a moderate blow, like the previous years it does not seem destined to leave the scene so quickly, thus promising us a period still full of days of good weather, but with a climate that is gradually less and less hot.


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