• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Covid and tourism, ‘My safe Hotel’ arrives for daily sanitation


May 5, 2021

” After the success of ‘My Safe taxi’, a patented device to sanitize taxis at every ride, last week we launched ‘my safe hotel’ a way to help get hotels safe to restart. We have already had over 100 memberships throughout Italy, including cities of art and holidays. In Rome we are in talks with ‘The Building’, a four-star hotel in the Termini area ”. Antonio Nocilla, 46, from Rome, at the head of a group of entrepreneurs tells the Adnkronos what ‘my safe hotel’ is, a brand that ensures hotels a standard of sanitation, he stresses, with which ” it is possible to eliminate at the 99 , 9% over five hundred bacteria, viruses and harmful elements, including Sars -CoV-2 ”. ” We ensure a standard of sanitation not, as many say, frequent, but daily, with disinfectants recognized by the Ministry of Health. At the end of the cleaning, with disposable cloths, a device dispenses a sanitizing cloud in 25 seconds that contains a medical surgical device. The device is managed by an App and before entering the room the customer can frame the QrCode and see the time, the date of sanitation and even the video of the operations performed ”. On costs Nocilla does not want to go into ” commercial details ”. ” We make a great effort to give the device on loan for use, hotels do not have to make any investments but pay only tokens, based on use with the result of having a daily hygiene standard, a guarantee for customer”.