NewsLocalCovid Italia, Pregliasco: "Herd immunity will not be achieved"

Covid Italia, Pregliasco: “Herd immunity will not be achieved”


“Herd immunity won’t be achieved. But it’s not a failure, it’s an inherent feature of the virus we’re dealing with.” Virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, health director of the Galeazzi Institute in Milan, says this in an interview with ‘Fatto Quotidiano’, explaining that “coronaviruses, not just Covid-19, do not determine immunity for life. You can get infected if you the antibodies produced by healing are depleted or when vaccination coverage expires “, but reiterates that” the vaccine is the only way out. The balance point is to ensure the possibility that the majority of the population is immunized within 9 -12 months”. According to Pregliasco, then, “there will be a need for a third dose. Firstly because it is a form of vaccine sovereignty, strategic for security, that the States will return to exercise, and secondly because – with a view to the future of a pandemic that sooner or later will be endemic – the anti Covid vaccine could be like that of the flu, that is, only for the most fragile “. As for the hub system, “it was a very useful choice in terms of efficiency – says Pregliasco – an assembly line that made it possible to satisfy the desire of those who wanted to get vaccinated. Now I fear that the curve has reached a plateau”. And on the resistance of the no vax, the virologist is convinced that “there is an ideologized hard core with which the distance is unbridgeable. Then there are the doubters, some of whom have decided thanks to the green pass. Because let’s face it, the certificate breaks the boxes , it is a form of incentive to vaccinate, a political choice that is a push, since the obligation is not easily practicable “. “The situation at this moment seems to have reached plateau and in the near future we will see a slow decline, but then the reopening of schools, the return to work and activities in general and the winter will have their weight” on the rise of the infections , according to Pregliasco, who recalls the importance of “getting vaccinated, the price can’t go up again”.


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