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Autumn begins with bad weather, storms and flood risk from the weekend


Autumn begins and an extreme disturbance is approaching: from the weekend potentially alluvial rains will begin to hit the North-West and the whole Tyrrhenian side with high risk from Liguria to Tuscany, very high between Lazio and Campania with possible storms in sequence. Today will still see rather cool conditions in the morning and with some thunderstorms on the major islands, unexpected for a sharp deterioration from France towards the Ligurian Sea. In fact, during the night the first heavy rains will arrive on the Ligurian West, moving towards the rest of the region and upper Tuscany; the bad weather on Saturday will then hit Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, further moving towards the rest of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. In the evening, Campania and the North-East could be the further target of this Atlantic perturbation with minimal depression departing from the Iberian Peninsula. On Sunday of the elections it seems at risk of torrential rain between Lazio and Campania, bad weather also in Friuli Venezia Giulia and, sparse, over the rest of Italy except for bright spells in the North-West. Antonio Sanò, director and founder of, therefore recommends paying the utmost attention to our weather reports and the alerts of the National Civil Protection. From Saturday, for at least 4 days, the weather could reserve very nasty surprises.During the first days of bad weather we will find an intense disturbed flow from the South-West which will be associated with a high content of water vapor: in this context, abundant and locally occurring phenomena will be possible. persistent; later, from Wednesday, the descent of arctic sea air could favor snowfalls up to 1200-1500 meters between the Alps and the northern Apennines but also a general attenuation of the phenomena due to the lower content of water vapor. Trying to scrutinize the sky in the ‘long term’, another arctic disturbed lunge could descend towards France on the first day of October causing torrential rains towards the Italian North-West: here, however, we are in the fantameteo and therefore we will see better what will happen with the next In the meantime, maximum caution from the weekend until Tuesday 27: the main target of bad weather (the Tyrrhenian side) promises a monstrous accumulation of 400/500 mm in 4 days, especially between Lazio and Campania, the rain of 6 months concentrated in 96 hours.Today, Friday 23 September – In the north: sunny with haze coming from the west. Center: sunny except for isolated rain showers in Sardinia. In the south: sunny, some showers in Sicily Tomorrow, Saturday 24 September – In the north: bad weather in the North-West, in the evening also in the North-East. Middle: intense bad weather in Tuscany towards Lazio and Umbria. In the south: sunny and warm. Sunday 25 September – In the north: bad weather in Friuli Venezia Giulia, bright clouds elsewhere. Middle: extreme bad weather on the Tyrrhenian belt, showers scattered elsewhere. In the south: strong thunderstorms in Campania, showers in Sicily, variable elsewhere Trend – Severe bad weather especially in the central and southern Tyrrhenian regions at least until Tuesday, thermal drop from Wednesday with local snowfalls on the Alps and Apennines down to low altitudes for the period.



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